What I Have Learned As A Mom. Pt. 2

.Becoming Selfless.

Growing up I witnessed my mom be completely selfless. My brothers and I were the priority and she came last. As I got older I was encouraged to wait till I could be completely selfless before I started to try and have a baby (because my college, retail working self, loved shopping sprees). I thought I understood what selfless was:

– The baby comes before me in all areas (which seems so logical and normal)
– I will give up my sleep to make sure the baby gets sleep
– I won’t get to eat when ever I want, I’ll eat around the schedule of the baby
– I will willingly give up girls nights and trips because my presence is so important in my kids life
I have selfish moments. I want that new shirt, but obviously a growing boy gets new clothes before me. I long for my expensive Starbucks coffee, and there have been some mornings that I have been in line at Starbucks for that extra shot of help.

I’m not perfect and not completely selfless. I do however put someone before me every second of every day.

I have known that being a mom you have to be selfless, but what I didn’t realize is how my body becomes completely selfless.

My body is not my own.
Let’s start with pregnancy. My
Body is now the proud home of a little baby that is literally taking from me to survive!! My body is completely changing in order to be a good host and nurture for a baby.
Baby is born and I choose to breast feed. Now my body is my child’s food source. I love nursing Nathan. I love the benefits in it for him, I love the bonding that it brings, and I love love love the convenience of not having to pack him food. I didn’t think of all the medication you cannot take when you are sick, or the food that you don’t want to eat because it messes with the milk that in turn messes with his tummy.

I didn’t realize how I completely become selfless. I will gladly lay down my life for my son. I will do whatever I can to make sure he is healthy and safe. My body is no longer my little size two body. It is a gift from Jesus that has let me make and grow a baby, then keep him alive with food! I am blown away by how awesome my body is. I love my body so much more now because I’m so proud of what it has accomplished!

I understood the money part and the materialistic part of being selfless, I have learned being a mom every part of me is for my baby. And I know none of this is forever. One day I will stop wearing nursing bras and be able to take medicine for my cold, but until then I fully give myself to my child to help him grow and flourish into his crazy, funny self.

What blows my mind about becoming selfless is how natural and easy it is. I don’t give a second thought about putting Nathan before me. It’s like a switch flips the second that test tells you, “you’re going to be a mom” and you are all for your baby.
xoxo kymberly

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