I Got The Boy. 

It is commonly known that I have a complete mamas boy for a son, and I love it. His almost 18 month self is in love with his mommy and his mommy is in love with him. 

He is slowly turning into the normal little daddy’s boy, and I love that just as much! I love his excitement when daddy gets home from work. Or his attachment to Daddy all Saturday after they have a man date to Home Depot and work in the garage together. 

All around I have a sweet, caring, loving, playful, energetic little boy who loves to cuddle. 

Nathan is teething again and these teeth are waking him up every night. He cries for mama and won’t go back to sleep unless I cuddle him back to sleep (which means I sleep on his floor for an hour or so). 

These sleepless nights have made my days a little tougher. I have less patience and less energy to keep up with him. 

But in these sleepless nights I’m getting cuddles that are going to fade out quickly. 

I never want to forget how much Nathan loves to play with my hair or how he touches my cheeks and puts his forehead against mine. How he snuggles against my arm when we lay on the floor to go to sleep or he falls asleep with his head between my shoulder and head (so on my neck!). 

I was on my way to the grocery store one night when I heard a song that made me think of my relationship with my son. I hadn’t heard the whole song before, so once I listened to the full song I got that it is about a young love. The artist is singing about her teenage relationship and the boy her ex was then and the man he is now, “I got the class ring, she got the diamond and the wedding band”. 

Now I won’t have that relationship with my son, so I can’t relate to most of the lyrics, but the lyrics that stated, 

“I got the boy and she got the man, I got the first kiss and she’ll get the last, We each got something, the other will never have”

Made me tear up. I’m going to give Nathan away to his princess one day. I get the boy and his snuggles, and his baby kisses, and his future bride is going to get so much more. What a role I have to raise him up to be a man of God and an incredible husband. To pray for him as he grows and pray for his princess wherever she may be. 

How will time go so quickly? These sleepless nights are going to be only a blink in time. I’m going to wake up one morning from a night of cuddles to putting on my best dress and watching him say, “I do”. 

Oh time would you please slow down?

Oh Jesus will you please give me the patience I need for motherhood so I don’t miss these precious moments? 

Any other mamas out there feel me on this subject? 

To my sons princess,                                 

I’ve been praying for you. I tear up thinking of your wedding day and how beautiful it will be. You will get the man, the diamond and the wedding band, and I am so lucky to have got his first hugs and kisses! PS. I’m sorry if he plays with your hair in advance! 😉 He was a month old when he found my hair. 

Click: I Got The Boy to watch the music video. 

xoxo kymberly


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