Dear Son,


I won’t pretend to write this blog with a heart of knowing how to be the perfect parent. I have a toddler, a couple months from being a big 2 year old!

My love language to give and receive is words of affirmation. So far I think my son is a quality time boy, but it came on my heart to write to him (and I will for my future kids also). 

I didn’t have time his first year of life to sit and write. If I wasn’t napping with him I was doing laundry, dishes, cleaning the bathrooms, or zoning out on a wall. 

And his naps were 20 min a day if we got one! 

But once he hit 15 months he woke up one day independent. He started sleeping in a toddler bed, feeding himself bigger meals, and show interest in the potty. He also started taking a hour or longer nap! 

That gave me time to write to him. I had been writing on random papers, so I got a journal for him and taped those random papers in there and continued writing to him. 

I write verses to him

I write prayers for him

I write how much Jesus loves him

I write updates on what he is doing

I write funny things he does

I write how proud of him I am

I write how his life has meaning and weight

I write what ever comes to my heart 

I love the idea of giving him this journal when he graduates high school. He can have some encouragement as he enters the world and reassurance that his mom and dad have his back!
I felt led to share this idea today. I don’t know how to be the best mom, but I love getting and giving tips on how to make my kids childhood grand. 

Have a blessed day!! 

xoxo – kymberly 
Got this journal at Target in Fall of 2015