Sweet & Salty Treat

Party Snack

What you need:

1. Pretzels (don’t want pretzels to big or Rolo won’t melt on well) 

2. Rolos 

3. M&Ms

What to do:

1. Heat oven to 250

2. Place pretzels on a baking sheet 

3. Place a Rolo on a pretzel 

4. Place baking sheet in oven for 2 min (each oven temp can be different so check around 2 min. You do not want the Rolo to be melted, just warm enough to stick to the pretzel).  

5. While warm, place an M&M on each Rolo. You shouldn’t have to push the M&M down at all. 

6. Let them cool and you have a great party snack!!! Enjoy! 

Fun Extras:

Party city has bags of a single color M&M if you have a theme. I did this snack for Super Bowl 2016 and they were gone before any other snack! 

xoxo kymberly 


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