Potty Training Day 1

If you want to know how I introduced the potty to Nathan, it’s in a previous post: https://kymberlyhudson.wordpress.com/2016/03/01/starting-the-potty/

When I woke up today potty training was not on my mind. My best friend had sent me just a day or so before, pictures of her son in underwear and I truly thought in my head, “I don’t have the energy to potty train yet”. So I really haven’t had potty training on my mind! My plans today were to go to the park, go to recycling, anything to keep us busy. I want this week to go fast because Friday we find out if baby number 2 is a boy or girl. So time is moving slow for me these days. 

After breakfast Nathan was very upset about his diaper and kept asking for it to be off. He had gone poop and was not enjoying it on him. 

I changed his diaper and then he said, “mommy potty”. Caught off guard I took him to his potty in the bathroom and he went pee pee in his potty!!! Then he asked for a cookie lol. 

Nathan is allergic to eggs so he doesn’t get many sweets. I’m not against that so I also don’t go out of my way to make him eggless cookies or brownies. He hates eating fruit and veggies so I don’t want to pour tons of sugar into him when he’s not eating the good stuff. But one shopping day I picked up some Nilla Wafers that are egg free. 

I’m breaking these cookies into tons of pieces! Some times he gets a sliver haha. He can make himself go potty just to have a cookie! If I gave him whole cookies he would have ate over 20 cookies before 1130am! 

I learn I needed today:

1. Pull ups for nap time, or if you don’t want to do pull ups I read that puppy pads tapped to the bed are great, just don’t go back to diapers. 

2. A potty. We have the fisher price one. There is tons! His sings to him and tells him “yay” after he goes, which he absolutely loves!! I picked it based on it was the only one at Target that day haha. It works perfect! He’s old enough now to push himself back a little on it so his pee pee doesn’t hit the front of the potty and squirt every where. The seat also comes off and can go on the regular potty and the potty can be a step for the sink or getting on the regular potty. It’s simple and cheap and works for us! But many bloggers have done research and found others that they really recommend!

3. Big boy underwear!!! In October we got him snoopy and Avenger underwear. He does love snoopy, I got the Avenger ones because of the three pack at Target was cheaper haha. I am very much about price and practicality haha. Today however he did not want to wear underwear! So I called my mom and she picked up some Mickey underwear! Well lately out of no where (he doesn’t watch tv) he is all about Mickey! So that made a huge difference! They have plain colors or just white if your child really doesn’t care. 

4. The incentive, Nilla Wafers. 

5. Your excitement. Be ready to be your most jumping, enthusiastic self! Nathan literally jumps up and down with me and we clap and say yay every time and run and get a cookie! Every time is like the first time! Always exciting!

6. Wipes, towels, Clorox wipes! For those accidents and when he jumps off the potty and drips a little pee on the floor! 

7. Water or liquid to drink. My kid will only drink water. 

I recommend asking your friends, reading many blogs and even listening to strangers tell you what worked for them. Every kid is different and when they are ready to potty train is different. Don’t ever be discouraged! It’s a learning process for them and you! They are learning how their body works and really so are you! I’ve learned that Nathan can make himself go just to get a cookie, but if he starts playing, he can’t hold it longer than 10 minutes. So I know to have him go potty before that 10 minutes arrives!

Don’t be discouraged by accidents and make sure they know it’s not a big deal! They can go on the potty next time! Nathan didn’t get upset over an accident, he would tell me, “ut-oh” and run to the potty haha. 

It’s day 1 so I’m still learning!! But I didn’t want to forget any of what has happened! Good luck!!! 

It’s a high of 75 today, so he’s running around naked and loving it! 
By the end of the night he was going into the bathroom and going pee pee all by himself. I was cooking dinner at one point and heard his potty sing to him and ran in and was super excited! 

Nathan didn’t love wearing underwear today. And as many times as we went to the potty, sometimes they got in the way. It can be a lot to pull them down quick when they are trying to make it to the potty on time. 

He only had once accident from 3pm- to bedtime! 

He was naked until 7:58pm and bedtime is 8pm. It was a very long day but so worth it!!! 

xoxo kymberly 


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