Starting the Potty

When I write I can go into much detail and have to constantly tell myself to, “wrap it up” haha. So writing about potty training was a really long blog so I wanted to break it up. 

In this post I’m going to give you a little back story in how we started introducing the potty! So here it is….

Today is March 1st. I noticed Nathan was interested in the potty this past October. So five months ago we got him a potty and underwear. He was 17 months. He caught on right away. I thought he was going to pick it up and we would be done with diapers. I’m not sure why we slowly stopped on October, but a couple weeks later I was hit with some morning sickness and diapers were my best friend. 

Nathan is allergic to eggs so he doesn’t get many sweets. I’m not against that so I also don’t go out of my way to make him eggless cookies or brownies. He hates eating fruit and veggies so I don’t want to pour tons of sugar into him when he’s not eating the healthy stuff easily. But one shopping day I picked up some Nilla Wafers which are egg free. 

I had been reading tons of blogs on potty training boys and asking all my friends what worked for them! Many told me an incentive was really important so my gut told me that these Nilla Wafers were my ticket to no diapers. 

Most nights before bath time we have Nathan sit on the potty and try to go. If he does, he gets a cookie and if he doesn’t it’s okay. I talk to him as I go potty (which being pregnant is all the time). I talk to him about his body parts and when he toots. I felt it was important for him to know key terms and what was happening to his body. 

These are tips I was given or read that I really liked and stuck with me. Not everything here I am doing because I’m rolling with how Nathan is learning and what is best for him. But I want to remember these tips for the future. Maybe they will help my other kids one day! 
Books- get some potty training books and read to the child about it. 

Modeling going potty with a bear or doll how to wear underwear and sit on the potty. You can ever have a surenge behind the bear or doll and “make the bear or doll go pee pee”. 

I’ve read in blogs that boys under 3 are hard to potty train. Nathan is still 1, so every kid is really different. 

I’ve also read it can take up to 3 days of being at home all day to really get it. I can’t follow this because we have so many plans every week. So I’ll keep you posted with what happens! 

I’ve read about sticker charts and incentives of going places. Nathan doesn’t really get the chart. His little mind is all about right in that moment! 

I really wanted to do most of these but I wasn’t prepared to start potty training. I went with what Nathan was ready for and he was ready before me! 

I’ve loved reading what moms have done. It’s made me get a large amount of ideas and form to what I’m doing today! 
xoxo kymberly 


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