Potty Training Day 2

The start was rough. His pull up was full from either over night or because I didn’t get up and get him to the potty in time after he woke up. He made himself tinkle in the potty but asked for a banana instead of a cookie which was perfect because it was breakfast time. 

After breakfast he didn’t want to go. Maybe he didn’t need to go yet after overnight and his breakfast hadn’t digested yet or he didn’t want to haha. 

Right after breakfast I was loading the dishes into the dishwasher and Nathan said, “ut-oh mommy. Poo poos”. I looked and he had gone a little poop on the kitchen floor. I told him it was okay and we ran to the potty where he finished going! He went a lot. Then we went to flush it and he got really mad and me and cried! He didn’t want his poo poos down the potty! I felt so bad and tried not to laugh because he was so hurt. He was also concerned about me cleaning the little poop in the kitchen. So we cleaned that up and moved on with our morning. 

He didn’t go pee pee for about twenty minutes after breakfast which compared to yesterday was a really long time!! He didn’t want the cookie, so that didn’t work as an incentive, so I thought of his favorite thing! The vacuum! If he went pee pee he got to vacuum. Well guess who got on the potty and went pee pee right away?! That’s right, Nathan did! He didn’t go very much but I felt better that he went. 

Today I locked him in my bathroom with me so I was able to get ready. Yesterday I brushed my teeth and that was all. He never had an accident in there. 

I had bible study this morning so potty training continued at my moms house. She said he did a great job and never had an accident. 

This afternoon he had a small accident of poop on the tile again, but not any pee pee accident. He is also much better at flushing his poo poo down the toilet. 

Today he is very much into washing his hands. We get a thick book, put that on the potty and he can almost reach the water. This afternoon washing hands has turned into a potty incentive! 

Today he liked wearing underwear. He went longer periods of time with out running to the potty and had less accidents, so underwear today were helpful for him to not be naked all the time. 

Tonight he is going into the bathroom all by himself and going pee pee! I love that his potty sings to him because then I can hear when he does all by himself and still give him lots of praise! He had a very small accident on his toy car. I caught him randomly tearing off toliet paper and running. I followed him and he cleaned up his little accident!  

Bath time is a great break for me! Cleaning his little potty and being overly excited all day is tiring so I need a small break. Letting him play in the bath has been really helpful to just let me sit and breath! 

Nathan was naked until right before bedtime. He doesn’t like putting on a pull up, but I just remind him when he wakes up he can be naked again haha. I am very impressed with this little boy and day 2! Potty training keeps you busy for sure and has made the last couple days fly by! 

Have a great night!! 

xoxo kymberly


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