Potty Training Day 3

Woke up with a full pull up and still went a little on the potty before breakfast. We had a poo poo accident, and he got upset today about it. He kept asking me to clean it up, but I wanted to clean him up first.

He did want cookies today, but not every time. He is also going longer periods of time between trips to the potty. 

Woke up from nap dry and went pee pee the most he’s ever gone in the potty!!

We also went to Target today. He could have gone a couple of drops, but when we got home his pull up felt dry and he went pee pee lots on his potty! That was very exciting! 

We didn’t have any accidents in the afternoon but as we got to after dinner, Nathan got tired. He had a couple accidents playing but he also made it to the potty to go poo poo! 

He totally understands the concept of going to the bathroom on his potty! He goes in there by himself and goes and yells, “Yay!!” Then comes to me and tells me to go look haha! 

We really worked on wearing underwear today! Keeping his underwear around his ankles while sitting on the potty. 

Today was another successful day! I feel like tomorrow will be even greater! I am very tired tonight! Potty training is on your feet, go go go all day long. It’s so much cleaning up! He went pee pee in his potty but it shot out somehow so I had to clean the whole bathroom floor! I have the highest respect for all the parents who have been before me and potty trained!! Way to go! 
xoxo kymberly 


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