Boy or Girl?! 

Two days from being 20 weeks pregnant I got my anatomy ultrasound. I had to drink two water bottles and couldn’t use the restroom for an hour! On top of that, the office was running 15 minutes late! I still feel like that’s terrible. Don’t run ultrasounds with full bladder pregnant women and be behind schedule! But anyways,

I laid on the bed with my head next to the computer screen. I couldn’t see the screen super well, but I was waiting to see a little pee pee. The lady took tons of pictures of the spine and then let me go to the bathroom. 

When I came back in she said we could now find out the gender. As she started the ultrasound again she said, “oh it’s much better to see with your empty bladder!” Are you kidding me??! Don’t say that out loud!! I was just in so much pain and I didn’t even need to be!

I wasn’t even looking at the screen and she said, “it’s a girl!” And I said, “seriously?”. I was in shock. 

The moment I found out I was pregnant I told Caleb it was a girl. I came up with my girl names and that was it. Then around 16 weeks I read my pregnancy weekly journal from Nathan and everything was the same. I instantly then assumed I was wrong and I was having another boy!

I was talking to my best friend one day about having a girl. I was talking myself into having another boy (which I would absolutely love) because I didn’t want to get my hopes up of having a little girl and it never happening. 

I wasn’t ready for the lady to tell me I was having a girl. Four hours later, I’m still in shock and think it’s to good to be true. 

Caleb saw that it was a girl on the screen when the lady was taking pictures of the spine. I however was concentrating on holding my bladder together!

As the appointment went on, for no joke an hour and a half, Caleb and Nathan had left to go walk around and the lady tried to get my precious princess to corporate. The lady needed a profile picture and a belly picture which my little girl was not allowing! 

The lady finally gave up and made me eat some of her sees chocolate to try to get the baby to move around haha. I loved that free chocolate. It totally worked and we got the pictures we needed.

I’m a little nervous for this already stubborn miss! Haha I was cracking up because this appointment for Nathan was maybe a max of 20 minutes! We even had a doctor come in and go over everything with us to tell us all was perfect. This time I have to wait till my regular Doctors appointment for her to let me know if there is any problems. 

I’m having a girl…. 

It hasn’t sank in yet….

I’m very excited and very emotional….

Nothing will take the amazing bond I have with my baby boy away, and the amazing dream of having a little girl can’t be compared to either. 

I feel so lucky to have one of each! 

xoxo kymberly  

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