Target Baby Registry 

Oh hey there free bag of AWESOME travel size and full size samples, coupons, and goodies! Way to go Target!

So months ago I started a baby registry on

We have everything we truly needed, but there were a couple things we could afford to get this pregnancy that I didn’t want to forget about, like a Sophie the Giraffe and a humidifier. We also needed another hamper and some more burp rags. 

A couple months after starting this registry of 10 items I got a coupon on the mail! It was a 20$ gift card off any purchase from my own registry!! Um hello a pack of diapers or wipes or in my case a new Sophie haha. 

I went in to Target, gave them the 20$ coupon with my printed registry and they gave me an actual 20$ gift card!! 

This past week I went into Target to register for tons of fun girly items since we now know we have a princess on the way. I don’t need anything, but I would love some pink crib sheets and pink burp rags, and head band and shoes! Oh have you seen little girl shoes??! 

It was so easy to register this time! With Nathan we were given a huge gun to use that could be a pain. This time I was given an iPhone and scanned a full registry in less than an hour with my toddler in a cart! 

At the end, I got this bag of goodies!! Way better than the little bag from 2 years ago! 

So fun! So awesome! Do yourself a favor, and register! 

Here’s a look inside the bag I got after registering: 

Can we just talk about how cute this little bag is?! I can totally use this on the go for snacks to the park or total other usage that I haven’t even thought of. But I love it! 

I’ve never used bottles before, but this is a pretty big sample bottle I got! 2 years ago they were the smallest little bottles. 

This is the only brand of binkie that Nathan would take. Although I didn’t give him a binkie till he was almost 5 months, it’s nice to have this one! They can be pricy! 

You can’t go wrong with a travel size of body wash! And this stuff last a long time!! 

These were my favorite nursing pads to use and I used the storage bags like crazy also! So excited for these!!!

Then The Honest Company gives me two size 1 diapers and a little pack of wipes!! Love this!!!! Love their stuff! 


Pampers gave me the cutest satin pouch with a newborn diaper, wipes, coupon and information about how many diapers a baby really uses. I love pampers! They fit Nathan the best! 


Have you ever used a boogie wipe! They are amazing!!! So nice to have for when I running nose starts up. The sample is attached to a coupon! 


I’ve never used these products but I love free samples!


I have never purchased formula but have been told Enfamil is the way to go. They give you lots of coupons for formula and Target gave me a lovely coupon to Starbucks!! 

What a lovely gift bag! 

xoxo kymberly 

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