Potty Training Update. 

Just wanted to update you all on potty training!It’s been over a month since we started this new adventure of going to the bathroom on a potty instead of in a diaper! So to share some success and regressions with you. 


🔸 I have only changed one dirty diaper since March 1st. We haven’t had a #2 accident in over 3 weeks! I am told once a day, sometimes twice a day, “mommy poo poo” and he sits on his potty and goes! The one diaper I did change we were out and about out of town ALL DAY, and normally he won’t go and hold it to the next day but this day he went. He told me he had to go and went in his diaper and I wasn’t even mad! He’s not even two and I’m so proud of him. 

🔸 If we are home we rock a pull up or underwear! 

🔸 If he has an accident where he pees on the floor he comes and tells me and I am able to clean it up! He doesn’t like making messes, so I think seeing that he made a mess helps to my advantage of him wanting to make it to the potty on time. 


🔹 He doesn’t like spending the time every 20 minutes to go pee on the potty. So we rock a couple different pairs of underwear a day. 

🔹 As the mother, I am not on my A game. The flu hit our house, pregnancy symptoms hit me like a brick wall some days, and I have not looked into or researched how to have him go in public. He has gone once on a big potty while I hold him and he didn’t like it. He was scared. So I need to look into that. 

🔹 A pull up is real easy for my tired self, so I just need to be consistent again and finish the job of fully potty training him. 

🔹 Some of the days that we are home all day, Nathan hates to put on underwear. He will whine, “momma diaper, momma diaper” haha it’s work for him, and he has to stop his playing to go sit on his potty. 


I will continue to post as this journey continues! As I find what works and what doesn’t! 

xoxo kymberly 


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