Croup, Ear Infections, and Mom Guilt 

As a mom do you ever feel like your being judged? Have mom guilt settle in? Rarely do I get these feelings, but today I did. 
Nathan had the flu a couple weekends ago. He finally fully recovered and then got a fever. The next day the fever turned into a small little cough and he lost his voice. That night his breathing scared me so much I didn’t sleep. 

I finally woke Caleb up and told that I was scared and we both stayed up and took turns holding him and trying to sleep. I don’t think either of us actually slept. 

Once he woke up in the morning we went to urgent care and found out he had croup and an ear infection. 

So I know I didn’t sleep and was extra tired during this Doctor Appointment, but every time she asked, “is he in day care?” “Does he play with other kids?” I felt like because the answers were no he shouldn’t have gotten sick. 

I left feeling that #momguilt again. 

“I should have taken him to the doctor yesterday”

“I should pay more attention to what he touches at the store”

“I should have more play dates so he builds up his immune system”

“He shouldn’t be sick when I’m with him all the time”

But all of those are just ridiculous lies that we’re going threw my mind. In that moment of walking to the car I fell into this black hole of being judge by the doctor and everyone that asked me, “where could he get croup from?”

My best friend made me laugh when she said, “he could have touched a cereal box that another kid sneezed on.” Which is so true. 

Why am I feeling judged or mom guilt when so much is completely out of my hands? Nathan is two weeks shy of being two years old, I can’t prevent him from everything he touches, nor do I want to prevent him from exploring and using all his senses as we go out and about our day. 

If you are feeling judged or some mom guilt, remember how awesome you are! Being a mom is such hard work! It’s the job you never have a break in. You’re up all night watching them breath, listening to a difference in their cough, and got to be on your A game when they wake up. In that exhaustion it’s easy to hear those lies, to have a melt down, and to feel not enough. God placed us with the kids we have for a reason. They need us and we need them! Don’t subject yourself to judgement or mom guilt like I did today. You are awesome! 

xoxo kymberly 


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