Prayer Challenge. 

Have you ever just been going on with your week or day as normal and then it’s like you randomly walk into a brick wall of a revalation? 

That’s what happened to me last week. 

I was just doing my thing, my routine of a day and week and was just hit with the word “pray”. But it wasn’t like, “Kymberly, you should pray right now”. It was this deep burning fire that was all of a sudden, out of no where, a passion to learn how to pray. 

For about three years now I have had a prayer buddy. She’s amazing. We have been friends for a good amount of years and I can’t remember how we even stated that we were becoming prayer buddies, but we did. 

I think it’s so important to have a prayer buddy in life. Life happens and we talk every day or once every two weeks, on prayer request. I share my heart with her on pretty deep level. Sharing the messy things in my life and know it’s not leaving her. She’s a vault. 

So as I have this urge last week to really dive into praying and what I means to pray and how I want to pray, I shared it with my prayer buddy. 

So I am on a prayer challenge. That is what I’m calling this season of my life. I have my Bible, and some books to help me start. I have read three of the prayer books in the picture below, and am reading the second two right now. Ill do a little book review on them all when I’m done, but would love information on other resources!! Blow up my email or comments with suggestions on books, podcast, or anything that has helped you learn to pray bolder and deeper!!! 


I am very fired up about this season. I decided to give up my much needed naps this month and do an extra quiet time every day to dig deeper and learn more. 

My overall goal is to really learn how to pray and what it looks like to pray bold and big prayers. Prayers that move the heart of God and show my faith in what I believe he can do. 

I have already learned so much. Just the simple verse that I started this post off with, Luke 11:1, “Lord teach me how to pray”! There are so many verses on prayer in the bible that I have never studied before! 

This week of reading I have been so inspired with so many words and thoughts. I can go weeks with no words or anything to post on here, but this week I am posting almost every day! It’s incredible the inspiration I have found this week! 

I am also in constant contact with my prayer buddy. I know a season of being super fired up for what God has to teach me puts a target on my back for the devil. The devil doesn’t want me to learn what God has in mind for me. So my prayer buddy has me covered in prayer from any attacks or distractions in this season! 

xoxo kymberly 

Top picture I created on the Bible app


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