Less Anxiety, More Peace

I have a good amount of strengths and weaknesses in my character. I’m proud of my strengths and try to use them to the best I can. But then I have some weaknesses that I really struggle with. 
One of my biggest weaknesses is Anxiety. Especially when it comes to health. 

I’ve shared before this weakness of mine. It started as a young child, grew when Caleb had a brain tumor and grew some more when I became a mom. 

I really learned of this weakness as a mom. Before this stage of motherhood in my life I was focused on my weaknesses at my job or in relationships. Once that second line turned pink on the pregnancy test, my anxiety of the unknown of health shot to the moon. 

I’ve really tried to work on this. My bathroom mirror is covered in verses on this subject. My bible study friends have prayed over me to have more faith and less fear. I really don’t want this anxiety of something I cannot, or ever will, be able to control! 

Nathan was diagnosed with croup this past weekend and I am really thankful at how God has answered prayer and placed such a peace in my heart. The night before we took Nathan to the doctor, we stayed up all night watching him, holding him, listening to him. 

It was so scary and so horrible. This breathing that sounded like he couldn’t actually get any air. 

I prayed all night. For healing, for rest, for time to pass by quickly. But I didn’t text all my friends like I have in the past to pray for him. I would get scared, but I didn’t have any anxiety. I stayed pretty calm and just continued to pray. 

I am still putting anxiety in my weakness bucket. I still want to work on it and grow, but I’m really excited of how far I’ve come! I give all the glory to God! I didn’t freak out, I didn’t wake up all my friends to pray for him, I just kept praying myself! 

I’m sharing this because I want to encourage anyone that is working on a weakness in their life. No matter what your life looks like, we all have weaknesses we can work on. 

It was a really big deal to me once I realized that I didn’t have an anxiety attack about his health. I didn’t feel like we needed to go to the ER. I didn’t research a bunch of sicknesses on Google. I had taken a step forward on this journey of turning this weakness into a strength. I want the strength of peace and calmness in a storm of the unknown. 

If you are really working on a weakness, don’t give up! It’s really hard to change a habit or characteristic in your life, but you can do it! Keep it up and one day, you’ll realize you took a big step forward and it’s so rewarding!!! 

Have a blessed day!

xoxo kymberly 


Photos found and taken from Pintrest 


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