Turning Two. 

Well the time has come to where I will start saying, “I have a two year old”! How exciting, nerve racking, and holy moly where did those two years go?

Two is an age you hear about so often. I just got used to talking about my “toddler”, and now I get to add the word “two”. 

Two just gives this whole new understanding into a parents world I feel. I know I’ll learn more this up coming year, but hearing about “terrible twos” and the vocabulary, attitude, sass, understanding, growing, and changing that happens during the second year of life makes me so excited and so sad. 

I am so blessed to have such a healthy and smart little boy! I never want to take that for granted. So when I have sad moments, some times I feel guilty. “Why am I sad right now when my son is growing perfectly and I get to experience this life with him?” 

I started decorating for Nathan’s birthday party today. I hung up his banner, 

And when I sat down, I just couldn’t stop staring at, “2nd” 

I just sat on my couch and couldn’t stop looking at the number 2 hanging on the banner. 

Where has time gone? Will the rest of the years fly this fast?

This is his last birthday as a single child, the house is going to be Mickeys Club House for about a week (maybe longer). I want to hold tight to this birthday with my baby boy. Really soak in this 2nd birthday party before life get even more busy and my time is shared with baby sister! 

I love you buddy! I hope you love the party we are throwing for you! 
xoxo kymberly 

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