Hard Day. 

Today was a hard day. 
This week has been a hard week. 

With Nathan being sick, Caleb and I haven’t gotten much sleep. 

Nathan is doing much better, then baby girl decides I’m going to be nauseous again at night, which I’m not loving. After dealing with not sleeping from my sick son, then not sleeping from pregnancy symptoms, and another pregnancy symptom hits me hard. More like punches me hard. 


I know it’s a pregnancy symptom, but I would really love to not wake up one night shaking because I witnessed someone I love being killed. And these dreams are vivid and detailed. Dayssss later I still am remembering these horrible details. So I don’t sleep much. 

Not sleeping causes me to not be my best. 

When I’m overly tired and not my best, I’m not patient with my son, as loving to my husband, and things get to me so easily. 

A post on Instagram made me go crazy for a couple hours. I was contemplating deleting the person because I couldn’t move forward from it. 

I think as women we really need to be aware of what’s going on with our bodies before we react to something. We have so many different hormones, or level of exhaustion that can really affect how we handle a situation. 

It can be so difficult in the moment to stop and ask, is this actually something to be upset about or am I extra emotional today? 

Our words and how we respond have such an impact on people that it’s so important to take a breath and think before speaking or acting. 

It reminds me of the plants that grow extra big and pretty when positive words and singing are praised it’s way. That’s a plant. A plant grows with positivity. Imagine how a human would grow if their was less negativity coming down on them!

It’s also very common for me to be attacked by the devil when I’m extra tired or emotional. When I let my guard down or don’t read my bible that day, the devil just shows up with lies and negativity. Because I haven’t put on the armor of God for the day, I’m moved to believe those lies being shot at me. 

My overall message that I’m trying to convey is, it’s important to 1. Put on the armor of God every day and 2. Be aware of our bodies and what is happening in them to know why we are responding the way we are. 

xoxo kymberly 


I wrote this April 18th, and never published it. So today wasn’t the hard day, but I still felt like I should publish it today. 

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