Soak Up The Cuddles. 

Nathan is in a new routine of waking up with his daddy on the weekdays. He is so excited to be with daddy and get ready with him. The only problem with this is Nathan is not a morning boy. He’s ready for a nap by 8am which can make for a long day. 

Nathan loves physical play. He loves running full force at you and tackling you. He loves climbing on you until he can’t climb any more. He loves being tickled and loves to tickle. He is just very physical. 

Lately I can’t be physical with him. Sitting on the floor to long can make me ache or give me shooting random sharp pains, hurts so bad. I also can’t play physical like he wants because I have to be careful of the baby in my tummy. He totally sees the difference and will cry at me in frustration. 

It breaks my heart deep down. I want to be able to play with him the way he loves to play. I have 11 weeks left of him being my only child, I want that quality time. I want to soak it all up. I cried the other day because of the pain that I am in this pregnancy and all that I can’t do. I want to give my all to Nathan and I physically can’t and that breaks me as a mom. He’s so verbal, so I know he’s upset with me when I don’t play how he loves to play because he tells me lol. 

Today waking up early with daddy led Nathan to take almost a two hour nap in his bed while I got to lay down for maybe an hour in my bed. I ended up falling asleep and was woken up by Nathan climbing in my bed and laying on me the best he could. 

He ended up falling back asleep in my bed for over an hour (which has never happened for nap time). 

He was laying on my arm in a weird position to where I couldn’t move for a while. So I just let baby girl kick my bladder a whole bunch and cuddled with Nathan. 

Taking in these last couple weeks of just Nathan and I during the day. 

Thank you baby boy for my cuddles today. I soaked them in until I could no longer wait to go to the bathroom anymore. You are a treasure and a true gift. I love life with you. 

xoxo kymberly 



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