Check In. 

Just to check in and say hello to you amazing friends that click on my blog. Hello. 🙋🏻

Life has been busy for us! I am 32 weeks pregnant now and have my hands full of an energetic, never stopping, two year old. 

A day in my life looks like this;

Wake up

Realize I have NO clothes to wear but one white shirt

Stick my laundry in the washing machine 

Rush over to walk my moms dog for her

Let Nathan walk the dog by holding the leash 

Two minutes into the walk, Nathan follows the dog behind a bush where a pipe is sticking up. Nathan trips over this pipe. He scraps his knee and toes (bc of course I had him wear flip flops) and smashed his hand in the leash. As I pick him up he won’t stop screaming about his finger which is not cut or bleeding so I wonder if it’s broken, but can’t get him to stay still to look at it, so we end our walk. 

Go into the kitchen to wash our hands to find blood all over my shirt… Realize his knee is bleeding so we stick a ninja turtle band-aid on that! 

And go a couple more hours in a blood covered white shirt, until my laundry is finished and I can wear something clean. 

Instead of my whole day, that was the first hour and a half of my morning last Friday. 

Nathan is totally fine and hates band-aids, but one day I will laugh at that story. The poor dog didn’t get a good walk that day, and I’m thankful I started laundry before I left the house! But days are busy! And I am getting much bigger and much more tired. 

I really want to finish these books on prayer that I posted about. I want to learn as much as I can in them before I have a newborn, but I can’t seem to read my bible and a chapter in a book lately. 

I’m so tired. 

Baby girl is kicking my butt. 

She sits super low and causes a lot of pain in me. She also gives me crazy symptoms where my vision goes out and my right side and mouth will go numb. Doctor says it’s considered a migraine. When I’m able to sleep at night from not having insomnia (ps how do you have insomnia when you’re exhausted all day?) I get crazy dreams that wake me up! Last night I swore there was someone in our house so I had Nathan in our bed and locked us in our room… I feel like I wasn’t fully awake because that’s not the best plan if a stranger is in our house at 2 am. 

But I am trying so hard to finish these books and even post about Nathan’s birthday party that was now a month ago! Crazy! 

Thank you for still clicking on my page and reading my thoughts! I hope you have an incredible day!!! 

xoxo kymberly


Picture found and taken from Pintrest. 

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