Toothpaste Bath. 

Today was a good day. We needed a good day. A relaxing day. A day with no makeup or places to be. We got to eat our breakfast slow and play for how ever long we wanted to. 

Lately we have to be some where at a certain time that causes our morning to be planned out or rushed. 

But not this morning. 

So after hours of playing with Legos, blocks, tents and tunnels, I answered some voice text messages that had been on my phone. 

This one was to my sister in law. 

I sat on my bed as I watched Nathan directly in front of me, down the hall in the bathroom. 

Yesterday he spent a lot of time at Grandmas washing his hands in the sink. So he told me here that he was going to wash his hands (appropriately after he had gone potty on his potty!!). 

I sat on my bed telling her about my life with the doctor appointments and other little things going on as I watched Nathan “washing his hands”.

Before I knew it he was running down the hall telling me, “I wash my boobies”. I laughed and asked if he would say that on the phone. He had water on his chest and a little bit of white soap, for me to only get closer and realize it was not white soap but my toothpaste…. All over his little body. 

I swore I was watching him. 

I cannot see him actually put soap on his hands from my spot on my bed, but I assumed that’s what he was doing considering I had no idea the toothpaste was in his reach. 

At first I laughed and thought about taking his picture. 

Then the thought of fluoride came to my mind. 

As I cleaned him up I asked if he put toothpaste in his mouth and he told me no. He had Cheerios in his mouth by this time so I couldn’t smell his breath and his body smelt like toothpaste. 

I closely watched him to make sure I didn’t need to call poison control since I really didn’t know if he put some in his mouth. 

The rest of the day I found toothpaste somewhere on his body. I have no idea how it got on the back of his ankles, behind his ear, or his arm pit… But it did. 

Felt a mom fail there. I swore I was watching him and apparently I wasn’t. I got a little nervous about all the things he can get into when I’m feeding a newborn or putting her down for a nap. My life could get real crazy here real quick. 

Now that I know he didn’t eat a ton of fluoride, I wish I would have taken his picture. He was so proud of himself! Just taking his own toothpaste bath. And he got all the tight, random places on his body. He smelt minty fresh for sure! 

xoxo kymberly 

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Define Success…

How do you define success?

I have written so many draft blogs about this topic and never post them. I don’t post them because my intention is to bring up a topic close to my heart and not to offend anyone. So hopefully I can share this time and feel like I used the right words to share my thoughts without trying to demolish others. 


When I googled the word success it was defined for me as, “the attainment of popularity or profit” the synonyms it gave were; prosperity, wealth, and riches. 

From the view of our society I would say my family of almost four is looked at as close to successful but not actually successful. My husband and I both have college degrees, my husband has an amazing job with job security. My husband works really hard every day to provide for our family. We own nice newer cars. We wear nicer clothes. I don’t have a job outside of the home, we don’t own a home, and we don’t own all the top best technology. 

My view of what society thinks could be wrong, but I see society as materialistic and money. Just as Google said, wealth and riches. If you have the nice new stuff and money then you are successful. What do you think?

I was talking to an amazing friend of mine this week and she was talking about how rich she is. And when she talked about her wealth, she wasn’t talking about money. Man that conversation was such a breath of fresh air! 

She was telling me how she is rich in relationships, in her marriage, in her community and church, and rich in family. 

That’s so amazing. 

I want to remember this conversation when the pressures of society kick in and say you have to have the newest and nicest thing. You have to graduate college to be successful. You have to have a job paying salary to be successful. You have to own a home and your kids all need smart phones to be successful.

That’s not what life is about.

For years I’ve had such a hard time with this topic. 

I didn’t want to go to college. I went because I got an amazing opportunity and have a degree in case one day I need a job. But my heart was not in school. My call was and is to be a mom.

My job is a mom. And my blood starts to boil when I hear demeaning comments of how ridiculous it is to be a stay at home mom, or how I do nothing all day, or how I’m lazy. 

Some woman are called to be moms that work, and some moms are single moms and do it all. I’m for every mom out there because it is the hardest job I have ever had and I’ve had some hard jobs! But it is also the best job! 

I’m rich in my job, and my job pays in sneezes to my face, stepping in pee, cooking or preparing meals all day, sticky kisses, muddy handprints, man I can keep going! But my job does not pay in money, but I feel more rich than when I worked full time. 

I feel successful now. And for sure its a struggle sometimes to stay away from society’s view of success and wealth, but that’s why you surround yourself with amazing women or men of God that remind you what success and wealth really is all about. And this topic can go so many ways and I have so many thoughts about it…

But I also do not mean to offend anyone who is a full time, hard working, parent or no parent. God calls us to all different directions and we were all created uniquely to serve him. 

My job is to raise my children up to be fierce, brave, wise, loving, and bold men and women of God. That they go out and serve the Lord. They are my legacy, not the diploma on my wall. I have a very important job in my life. 

I also want them to know what God sees as success and I want to raise them to have the passion to seek Gods heart and his call on their life. That if college is what he plans for them, that they go. If mission work is his call for them, that they go. They go out and do what God has created them to do. Because if they and we are doing what God calls us to do, it doesn’t matter what the dollar amount we bring home, he will take care of us. God tells us more than once in His Word but I like Luke 12:27, “Look at the lilies and how they grow. They don’t work or make their clothing, yet Solomon in all his glory was not dressed as beautifully as they are”, God will provide for us. And it’s also amazing to see God provide for us! To fully rely on him, live in faith and his call on our life instead of what we feel like we need to do by the standard and pressures of our society. 

How rich are you? 

How do you define success? 

What really matters when we die and go to heaven? 

So many thoughts… So late at night! I really would love to hear thoughts and share verses I have found on my calling of how important my roll is as a mother, and in all of this, I never intend to offend anyone that is living differently than I am.

I truly just want to change what society sees as successful. I don’t want us to be caught up in the “American Dream” that doesn’t lead to happiness or the calling God has on your life. 

I pray you are rich in love, family, relationships and community like my beautiful friend is. That you pour into others and seek from the wise. That you surround yourself with men and women that won’t lead you astray from Christ, instead encourage you and your relationship with him. 

And a huge shout out to my husband who works so hard every day. Who wakes up and goes to work and gives his job his all. That provides for our family and allows me to stay home and live out my calling at home. You make me feel rich and so wealthy. I love you. 

xoxo kymberly

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Journaling Bible. 

If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat you saw my excitement with this beautiful early birthday gift I was given. My mom gifted me a single column journaling bible. She also had my name put on it (which I haven’t had a bible with my married name on it). 

She took me shopping and sat on the floor of the bible book store and went back and forth between all the different covers before I just knew this was the one for me. 

There is so many reasons why I love this bible. Let me share them with you! 

1. I love to journal, and this bible gives me the space to write in the lined columns on the side! 

2. My other bibles are study bibles, which are very big and heavy. So now I don’t have to take my giant study bible to church and also take my journal for notes. I take my journaling bible and I’m all set! Also being a mom of a toddler and almost a newborn, I carry a lot of things to church, so this little bible fits right in my diaper bag and I’m good to go! 

3. It’s so pretty! I love pretty things! They make me happy! This bible is hard cover with fabric over it. 

4. I don’t have to write a lot in my study bible. I can keep that bible a little cleaner and keep it nicer longer. These pages are a little thicker to write on and highlight on. I feel better writing in a bible that says journaling on it, than in my study bible. 

5. It was a gift from my mom and I love that. Thank you Mommy!

I feel like there is more reasons why I love this bible but I can’t think of them all right now! Do you have a journaling bible?! What do you love about it? 

xoxo kymberly


Fervent Prayer

My mom asked for this book for Mothers Day. Actually I think she just told me she wanted it and it’s what I got her for Mothers Day. She started reading it and then turned around and bought it for me haha! 

Well turns out it is one of my favorite books to date! I don’t finish books in a quick amount of time often. I’m really working in the prayer challenge series to finish the books I mentioned earlier, but it’s hard for me to find time to sit and read if it’s not my bible. 

Something I loved about this book is I did it in my bible time because I was reading my bible along with it and learning to pray with my bible. 

Priscilla Shirer gives you prayer cards at the end of the book. You rip them out and write prayers on them. I learned so much and got to narrow my focus on prayers in many different areas of my life. For example; my marriage, my past, my fears, my children, my relationships, and my hurts. 

She makes passionate praying easy to write down on paper and pray. She uses an acrostic poem for the word PRAY

P- Praise Jesus

R- Repent 

A- Ask, what are you praying for

Y- Yes, the promises that Jesus gives us in his word. Claim those as your own! 

She also gives verses to help guide you in each topic of your life to pray for (marriage, fears, hurt, purity). 

In her writing I could sense her passion and her desire to share what God has taught her. Her love and passion for praying is contagious through her words in this book! You want to pray like her, you crave that connection and that deeper relationship with Christ that you get in prayer. 

I loved this book and I finished it pretty quickly! Some of my prayer cards are in super small handwritting and double sided, other prayer cards I did are shorter. But I love with my pregnancy and mommy brain, I can read these prayers I spent time writing and adding verses too, and know these are fervent prayers! 

I want to be a fervent prayer. I want Satan to tremble when he hears my prayers and the passion I have for Jesus. I have my prayer cards in my kids’ rooms, on my mirror and in my bible. I also have memorized her acronym for Pray for when I’m just praying through out my day. 

Such a good book! I still have so much to learn. And I learn a lot from books and others, but I’m learning most in actually praying.

This is completely a must read in my eyes along with seeing the movie War Room. 

xoxo kymberly


Mr. Potato Head goes Potty 

The other night was the first night I watched Nathan’s imagination grow. 
He has been loving his Mr. Potato Head. This toy allows me to take a pretty long shower, take a kinda nap (the nap where I know Nathan is right by me or I wake up), and make meals! 

The other night he was running around naked. He’s been doing amazing at going pee on the potty this week! Some times asking to go all on his own! But we have not mastered going potty out in public and I’m okay with that. I haven’t changed a dirty diaper in a long time so I’m okay if he’s not fully knowing the sensation of what it feels like before he goes pee, to hold it or go on the potty. I’ve very proud of him. 

But anyways,

Mr. Naked Nathan went into his room and grabbed a diaper. I thought he wanted me to put a diaper on him at first, but then he proceeded to tell me “Potato Head” was getting a diaper change. I wish I could write the way he talks sometimes. So he sat on the floor, opened the diaper, and put Mr. Potato Head in the diaper and folded the diaper up haha! And a size 5 diaper completely consumes a Mr. Potato Head! 

Nathan was so proud of himself and Caleb and I couldn’t stop smiling and laughing. Then he told me “Potato Head” needed to go pee pee. So he took him out of the diaper and went to the bathroom. I went in with him just to make sure Nathan wasn’t going to drop his toy in the potty, but he started taking out all his pieces. On the ground fell Potato Head’s nose, eyes, mouth, and his one ear (not sure where the other ear is). Then Nathan turned Mr. Potato Head upside down and said, “mommy he pee pee right here” and pointed to the hole where his shoes go haha. So I said, “oh okay” and watched Nathan hold Potato Head over his potty for a couple seconds. He stood up and said, “yay Potato Head went pee pee!!” Then ran out of the bathroom and told Caleb. 

It’s totally his imagination working here because I haven’t modeled changing a diaper or going pee pee with a toy like this (in March I modeled a stuff animal wearing underwear and sitting on the potty but nothing more than that) I haven’t been trying to teach him any potty training at all, but Nathan was very proud of his Potato Head! And when Potato Head was done going pee pee on the potty he got to have his eyes, nose, mouth and ear put back in! Of course in a crazy order that Nathan finds hilarious! 

Moments like this I don’t want to forget or miss out on! I was laughing for a while about this whole situation. So proud of himself and Potato Head! And I’m so proud to have such a big helper already! I see all the ways he loves to help and loves to be needed and praised. He’s going to be a great big brother! 

xoxo kymberly


Actually happened June 7th. Just forgot to post. 

Wait, What?

Have you ever been driving and then all of a sudden you are filled with an epiphany? That is what happened to me yesterday. I was just driving along and BAM! I had an epiphany. I was thinking about the blog I just wrote, Check In, and how I shared that I’m exhausted lately. So many women tell me that I should be exhausted. I have a busy toddler, I waddle everywhere, it’s 110 degrees outside, and most days I have some sort of pain somewhere. Oh, plus I’m not sleeping. As much as I try, doesn’t happen. N wakes me up and I want an IV of caffeine (I have to wait 8 weeks for that lol… Just kidding friends, but then at the same time it does sound nice). So as much as I just got to vent a little about how I’m feeling, why am I venting on here instead of following through and finishing my prayer challenge? 

So yesterday I skipped taking a nap with my precious two-year-old-baby-boy and read. 

As I was driving yesterday I was totally hit with how long ago I really started this prayer challenge. I was doing so well with it! Every night I was spending time learning and reading. Then N got sick, then I had a crazy symptom, then N got sick again. My nights of reading and studying prayer turned into nights that were staring at N and monitoring his breathing. Which I would do over and over again, but why were we getting sick so much during that same time frame? Even N’s Doctor questioned me on where he got some of his illnesses. 

And then my epiphany hit me, 

are you ready? 



I was taking every night to learn and practice on how to become a prayer warrior and guess who hits me where it hurts me most? Satan with my anxiety of illness. Way to try to fool me Devil… My tired self has caught on to you! You will not hold me back from learning and becoming a powerful prayer and memorizing scripture. I say, get out. You’re not welcome here!

So no nap time for me, I dove right back into where I left off. I got a good hour of distraction free learning and journaling before Nathan woke up. Then he came out and sat on my lap and asked to write with me. So I got him some supplies and we sat together for almost a half hour. I wrote scriptures for N and P, and N doodled and colored. 

It was one of my all time favorite moments. I stopped at one point and literally thought, “wait, what? Why would I take a nap and miss out on moments like this? In what thinking is taking a nap better than sitting by my son and learning more about our Father?” 

So I’m here to tell you that I am back at studying. Hopefully finishing more books! My goal is to finish them before July in case baby girl comes early! 

Stay tuned friends and have an incredible day! 

xoxo kymberly