Wait, What?

Have you ever been driving and then all of a sudden you are filled with an epiphany? That is what happened to me yesterday. I was just driving along and BAM! I had an epiphany. I was thinking about the blog I just wrote, Check In, and how I shared that I’m exhausted lately. So many women tell me that I should be exhausted. I have a busy toddler, I waddle everywhere, it’s 110 degrees outside, and most days I have some sort of pain somewhere. Oh, plus I’m not sleeping. As much as I try, doesn’t happen. N wakes me up and I want an IV of caffeine (I have to wait 8 weeks for that lol… Just kidding friends, but then at the same time it does sound nice). So as much as I just got to vent a little about how I’m feeling, why am I venting on here instead of following through and finishing my prayer challenge? 

So yesterday I skipped taking a nap with my precious two-year-old-baby-boy and read. 

As I was driving yesterday I was totally hit with how long ago I really started this prayer challenge. I was doing so well with it! Every night I was spending time learning and reading. Then N got sick, then I had a crazy symptom, then N got sick again. My nights of reading and studying prayer turned into nights that were staring at N and monitoring his breathing. Which I would do over and over again, but why were we getting sick so much during that same time frame? Even N’s Doctor questioned me on where he got some of his illnesses. 

And then my epiphany hit me, 

are you ready? 



I was taking every night to learn and practice on how to become a prayer warrior and guess who hits me where it hurts me most? Satan with my anxiety of illness. Way to try to fool me Devil… My tired self has caught on to you! You will not hold me back from learning and becoming a powerful prayer and memorizing scripture. I say, get out. You’re not welcome here!

So no nap time for me, I dove right back into where I left off. I got a good hour of distraction free learning and journaling before Nathan woke up. Then he came out and sat on my lap and asked to write with me. So I got him some supplies and we sat together for almost a half hour. I wrote scriptures for N and P, and N doodled and colored. 

It was one of my all time favorite moments. I stopped at one point and literally thought, “wait, what? Why would I take a nap and miss out on moments like this? In what thinking is taking a nap better than sitting by my son and learning more about our Father?” 

So I’m here to tell you that I am back at studying. Hopefully finishing more books! My goal is to finish them before July in case baby girl comes early! 

Stay tuned friends and have an incredible day! 

xoxo kymberly



One thought on “Wait, What?

  1. blockquote, div.yahoo_quoted { margin-left: 0 !important; border-left:1px #715FFA solid !important; padding-left:1ex !important; background-color:white !important; } Just reading this is an answer to my prayers. Love u

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