Fervent Prayer

My mom asked for this book for Mothers Day. Actually I think she just told me she wanted it and it’s what I got her for Mothers Day. She started reading it and then turned around and bought it for me haha! 

Well turns out it is one of my favorite books to date! I don’t finish books in a quick amount of time often. I’m really working in the prayer challenge series to finish the books I mentioned earlier, but it’s hard for me to find time to sit and read if it’s not my bible. 

Something I loved about this book is I did it in my bible time because I was reading my bible along with it and learning to pray with my bible. 

Priscilla Shirer gives you prayer cards at the end of the book. You rip them out and write prayers on them. I learned so much and got to narrow my focus on prayers in many different areas of my life. For example; my marriage, my past, my fears, my children, my relationships, and my hurts. 

She makes passionate praying easy to write down on paper and pray. She uses an acrostic poem for the word PRAY

P- Praise Jesus

R- Repent 

A- Ask, what are you praying for

Y- Yes, the promises that Jesus gives us in his word. Claim those as your own! 

She also gives verses to help guide you in each topic of your life to pray for (marriage, fears, hurt, purity). 

In her writing I could sense her passion and her desire to share what God has taught her. Her love and passion for praying is contagious through her words in this book! You want to pray like her, you crave that connection and that deeper relationship with Christ that you get in prayer. 

I loved this book and I finished it pretty quickly! Some of my prayer cards are in super small handwritting and double sided, other prayer cards I did are shorter. But I love with my pregnancy and mommy brain, I can read these prayers I spent time writing and adding verses too, and know these are fervent prayers! 

I want to be a fervent prayer. I want Satan to tremble when he hears my prayers and the passion I have for Jesus. I have my prayer cards in my kids’ rooms, on my mirror and in my bible. I also have memorized her acronym for Pray for when I’m just praying through out my day. 

Such a good book! I still have so much to learn. And I learn a lot from books and others, but I’m learning most in actually praying.

This is completely a must read in my eyes along with seeing the movie War Room. 

xoxo kymberly



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