Toothpaste Bath. 

Today was a good day. We needed a good day. A relaxing day. A day with no makeup or places to be. We got to eat our breakfast slow and play for how ever long we wanted to. 

Lately we have to be some where at a certain time that causes our morning to be planned out or rushed. 

But not this morning. 

So after hours of playing with Legos, blocks, tents and tunnels, I answered some voice text messages that had been on my phone. 

This one was to my sister in law. 

I sat on my bed as I watched Nathan directly in front of me, down the hall in the bathroom. 

Yesterday he spent a lot of time at Grandmas washing his hands in the sink. So he told me here that he was going to wash his hands (appropriately after he had gone potty on his potty!!). 

I sat on my bed telling her about my life with the doctor appointments and other little things going on as I watched Nathan “washing his hands”.

Before I knew it he was running down the hall telling me, “I wash my boobies”. I laughed and asked if he would say that on the phone. He had water on his chest and a little bit of white soap, for me to only get closer and realize it was not white soap but my toothpaste…. All over his little body. 

I swore I was watching him. 

I cannot see him actually put soap on his hands from my spot on my bed, but I assumed that’s what he was doing considering I had no idea the toothpaste was in his reach. 

At first I laughed and thought about taking his picture. 

Then the thought of fluoride came to my mind. 

As I cleaned him up I asked if he put toothpaste in his mouth and he told me no. He had Cheerios in his mouth by this time so I couldn’t smell his breath and his body smelt like toothpaste. 

I closely watched him to make sure I didn’t need to call poison control since I really didn’t know if he put some in his mouth. 

The rest of the day I found toothpaste somewhere on his body. I have no idea how it got on the back of his ankles, behind his ear, or his arm pit… But it did. 

Felt a mom fail there. I swore I was watching him and apparently I wasn’t. I got a little nervous about all the things he can get into when I’m feeding a newborn or putting her down for a nap. My life could get real crazy here real quick. 

Now that I know he didn’t eat a ton of fluoride, I wish I would have taken his picture. He was so proud of himself! Just taking his own toothpaste bath. And he got all the tight, random places on his body. He smelt minty fresh for sure! 

xoxo kymberly 

Photo found on Google. 

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