Book Tag Fun. 

The other night I came across Jessica’s Book Tag . It was fun to read, so I wanted to participate. 

Here are the questions:

What are you reading now?
Right now I’m reading For Women Only. Super cool read about how men’s minds work. 

What’s the next one on your list?
I need to finish the Circle Maker and Looking for Alaska. 

Do you prefer a Real Book or a Reader? A real book! I love to hold it or mark in it. I have a nook and it just doesn’t feel the same. 

Do you stop mid book if you don’t like it?
I have done this. And I have given those books away. 

Do you have to finish a chapter before setting the book down?
I used to HAVE to do this. Then I became a mom and have started to use post it’s as my book marks so I can know what line I left off on in case I get called at a moments noticed or my son wakes up with a bad dream. 

What’s the best series you’ve read?
This is a hard one, but I think I have to go with the Divergent series. I couldn’t put those books down. But The Hunger Games and Twilight were also top runners for this question. 

What’s the first book you remember loving?
The Babysitters Club I really enjoyed as an adolescent. But this is a hard question for me! I think my pregnant brain is getting in my way of remembering. 

Ever been in a book club?
In 2012 I think, my work had a little book club. We for sure read one book, we would get together and talk about it and after that I don’t remember why or how it stopped. 

Favorite book you read in school?
1984 by George Orwell. 

Least favorite book you actually stuck with?
Probably Macbeth when I had to read it for school. 

What book are you glad you didn’t give up on?
 1984, because I ended up loving it! 

Do you have a favorite genre?
I love Chick-Lit books, I love self improvement books, I love memoirs. For a while I was loving mystery, but the chick-lot and happy endings took over. 

What is the best book gift you’ve received?
The Fault in our Stars. I could read that over and over! 

Is there a book you wish everyone would read?
1984 & The Fault in our Stars 

What Author would you like to have a cup of coffee with?
Stephanie Meyer who wrote the Twilight series. How she started writing the series and her creativity just captivates me. 

If you could visit a place in any book, where would it be?
This is such a good question! I cannot think of my perfect answer, but I would love to visit all the different beaches that Nicholas Sparks writes about. 

What’s your favorite reading spot?
It used to be my red circle chair, but now I love reading in my rocking chair. What I love most is this one lamp I have, it makes me feel like I am in the moment to just let the day go and read. 

What popular book are you not a fan of?
I wouldn’t say I’m not a fan, I think most people are surprised I haven’t read any of the Harry Potter books. Those are super popular and I’m just out of the loop. 

What character from a book would you love to meet? Ruth in the Bible. 

What is your favorite children’s book?
I cannot remember my favorite book as a child, but I LOVE Pete the Cat now. I love reading it to my son and I love how the collection is growing!

I tag anyone who read this, and my beautiful friend Sheila who blogs about her readings. 😘 

xoxo kymberly



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