Little Hands. 

Caleb’s work threw us a fun baby shower this past week. 

It was Nathan’s first time visiting daddy’s work, or as Nathan calls it, “daddy’s friends”.

My son is not shy, once he gives you a high-five you basically become his new best friend. He can be bossy so just watch out for that lol. 

At one part in the shower/BBQ one of Caleb’s coworkers took Nathan into the office and gave him post-it’s for stickers, got him a tennis ball, some wooden coins, and let him copy his hands in the copy machine. 

He ran up to me with this copy paper of his hands. 

I just melted over it. 

I love these hands. 

I wish I could have seen his face as he experienced a copy machine for the first time. I can only imagine his excitement and wanting to do it again, but I’m so thankful for this picture of his hands. 

I know these hands so well. 

They are what I hold when I cross the street or walk through a store. 

They are what I hold over when I’m helping him hit with a bat. 

They are what I try to hold still once a week to cut his nails. 

They are what play with my hair. 

They are what tickle me. 

They are what I clean all day, every day. 

These little hands are so perfect to me and I’m pretty sure I would recognize them over my own hands. 

I just thought so much about his hands. I actually cried looking at this piece of paper (9 months pregnant here). It could be my hormones rushing to me, or it could be God preparing him to one day leave my arms. 

These hands are going to be hard working. 

These hands are going to fight for what is right. 

These hands are going to walk me down his wedding isle, and in turn hold his new brides hands for eternity. 

These hands are going to wear a wedding ring and start his own legacy. 

These hands are going to hold my grandchildren. 

These hands are going to raise up men and women of God. 

These hands were created for greatness and I love them so much! 

Right now they are super tiny and have some toddler chub on them that I love. I love to kiss them, high-five them, hold them, and look at them. He’s growing so fast I’m so glad I have his hands frozen on time from a copy machine. 
xoxo kymberly 



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