What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag. 

I feel like it was yesterday that I was looking into what to pack for my hospital bag. All the things I would need during labor, after labor and for the baby. 

Seems like five minutes ago my brother and sister-in-law FaceTime me as they were packing their bags. 

Now here I am making my list again, getting ready for Peyton to come! And thought I should share with you what I’m bringing. 

For Me (The Mother): 

  1. A nice towel. Didn’t have one of these with Nathan, and the hospital did not provide a good towel for that first shower I very much needed!
  2. Chap stick. My lips were very dry during labor. 
  3. Comfortable clothes. I wore my hospital gown most of the time, then I switched into a nursing tank and shorts. 
  4. Toiletries 
  5. Hair clips and hair ties. Whatever works for you (Bobby pins, head band, ect.) 
  6. Nipple cream and breast pads
  7. Large pads and comfortable cotton underwear. (With my first born the hospital provided these for me, but this hospital isn’t as clear with what they provide). 
  8. A pillow if you are picky about that. 
  9. Phone. 
  10. Phone charger
  11. Camera and charger
  12. Snacks
  13. Going home outfit. I bring maternity clothes still because you want to be comfortable and I don’t lose all that pregnancy weight right away. 
  14. Some women like to bring a boppy to nurse. I did okay with using pillows that the hospital gave me. 

For Baby:

  1. Going home outfit (Onesie, beanie, mittens, socks)
  2. Blanket
  3. Car seat

For Daddy: 

  1. Snacks
  2. Pillow
  3. Clothes
  4. Toiletries 
  5. Phone
  6. Phone charger 

*Caleb treated his stay in the hospital like going to a hotel for a couple nights. What he would bring to the hotel is what he packed for the hospital. 
Any thing I am forgetting? If there was something you loved having or wish you could have brought please share!! I have two weeks till I’m due, so I can update this list and my bag for that long! Thank you friends! 

xoxo kymberly 



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