Your Story Matters. 

Your WHOLE story. 

I was listening to a Podcast from my old Church, The Stirring, and the message was from the book of Acts. In this podcast they were speaking from chapter 22 and how Paul keeps talking about his past. All the wrong he did. How he used to be not awesome and not a man of God. Why was he doing this? Constantly bringing up his past? Who likes to relive their mistakes from their past?

I’m the first to admit that I don’t like to talk about my past. My 17th and 18th year actually. I think I’m pretty proud of all the other years, but those years I would rather pretend they didn’t happen the way they did. 

So this podcast touched my heart. 

My WHOLE story matters. 

Even those two teenage, stupid years. 

God uses our whole story like he did with Paul. Pastor Nate said it best, “he [God] doesn’t rewrite our story, he reedems it”. Oh man so good! He also talked about how redeeming my story and those two teenage years show his goodness and grace. 

I’m not a pastor, and this message is to good for me to try and summarize, so you should just listen here one day! 

But until you are able to listen, be encouraged that your WHOLE story matters. Not just the good parts. Not just the highlights. The messy, the raw, the hurt, the broken, the hard times, they ALL matter. 

Someone could be where you were, and hearing your story, hearing the mess and hurt, could show them Gods grace and love. Could encourage them that this hard season or shameful season is just that, a season. 

So with this message I did my first big doodle in my journal bible that I previously shared about here! And it was a lot of fun doodling in my new bible! 

Have a great day friends and remember, you matter and so does your story! 
xoxo kymberly


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