Stretch Mark Cream

I got this stretch mark butter from Motherhood Maternity when I was in my first trimester. I wanted to leave a little review for you guys on what I thought. 

With Nathan I used a stretch mark oil product that was amazing and learned this past year it was no longer being sold. So I tried this butter. 

What I liked is that there were three different scents. There was a citrus, lavender, and this one was unscented. I did the unscented because being in my first trimester, randomly random things would make me nauseous. 

I loved that it is a butter! It goes on so nice and drys really quickly. 

It could just be the baby girl in me, but I got stretch marks on my belly (which I didn’t with my son and I’m the same size as I was with him) and more on my hips. 

With Nathan I knew I got a couple stretch marks, but you couldn’t really tell. The ones that Peyton has given me, you can definitely tell!

So this butter didn’t prevent stretch marks from happening on me. I used it every day! Loved how it felt on my skin, and maybe it prevented more stretch marks from happening? 

I will run out of this butter this week at 38 weeks pregnant. It lasted me a long time! 

So overall:

Pros: it felt good to put this butter on my growing belly and hips every day

Cons: still got stretch marks. It’s okay though because I earned these tiger strips on me! This pregnancy has been rough! 

xoxo kymberly


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