Big Brother Hospital Gift. 

At this moment Nathan consumes most of my day every day. I spend my day working for him, playing with him, cooking for him, cleaning him, teaching him, and learning from him. He has my whole heart. 

Something that has been on my heart is how he is going to respond when I can’t be at his beck and call all day when Peyton comes. 

Months ago I started slowly having him play by himself. I would have him sit and color while I did dishes. I tried to do things that separated us, and allowed him to have time alone. So hopefully when I am feeding Peyton or putting her down for a nap, he knows he can color or play by himself just fine. 

But what about those first couple days when Peyton is born and I am in the hospital with her. Those first visits he has. I want him to feel just as special as she is. 

One of my friends told me she got both her girls gifts to “give” eachother when the youngest was born! Genious!!! So I went to Pintrest to get some ideas! 

My mom also got Nathan a gift for the hospital that is going to trump my little gifts haha. She got him a suit case and he loves to push around suit cases and open them and put stuff in them. So I didn’t go over board with what Peyton is giving him, because he’s going to be so focused with his new suit case. 

I still thought it was important to have something right away from Peyton when he first comes in. So that’s why I tried to get some of his favorite things. We want Nathan to be the first to come in and meet her. To feel special and have that family bonding time. So the gifts are in my hospital bag so they are with me and don’t have to worry about whoever has Nathan bringing the gifts. 

Nathan knows what he is giving to Peyton. I talk to him about it almost everyday, “whose Minnie Mouse is this?” And he tells me it’s Peyton’s, so hopefully giving it to her is fun and easy for him to do! 

Peyton’s Gift to Nathan:

  1. Coloring book 
  2. Apple Sauce (his favorite!)
  3. A mini doodler
  4. Mickey Mouse movie
  5. Noise puddy
  6. Mickey Mouse play pack (has a small coloring book, crayons, and stickers)

Nathan’s Gift to Peyton:

  1. Sunglasses (for his love of sunglasses) 
  2. Minnie Mouse Doll (for his love of Mickey)
  3. Her outfit

What did you do for your kids? I still have some time before she comes if you have any tips!!

xoxo kymberly



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