Crazy Pregnant Lady. 

So crazy for me to type this, but three days until my due date. 3. Tres. Three. That’s crazy!!! Little miss Peyton was a planned, very wanted baby! The burn on my heart to be pregnant again and have another child was all I could think about for weeks. 

This pregnancy hasn’t been easy but it’s so worth it. 

I am in so much pain every time she moves the last four weeks. She is out of room in there and I can tell because I feel her sharp elbow dig into me or her feet under my ribs. And as I have to take deep breaths sometimes with her movements, I whale up with tears feeling so grateful she’s in there moving. 

Let’s say she comes in the next three days. These are the last moments I will ever feel these movements from her from inside me. 

I feel crazy. 

I want her out, I want the pain to stop, I want to meet her, I want to hold her. 


I want to keep her in because she’s safe in there. The world can’t hurt her. I’m not up with a crying baby all night. I don’t have to worry today about being consistent with my two year old and feeding a newborn. I don’t want these kicks and movements to be gone and never feel them again. 

I feel crazy. 

I want two things that are so opposite. To be pregnant and to be done being pregnant. 

Oh man. Crazy town. My poor husband haha. 

Anyone else feeling me on the hormones and emotions? 

I spend the whole day walking and eating pineapple. Doing squats and cleaning. Only to end the day so sad that there is still so much I want to accomplish before she arrives and I don’t accomplish anything for months. 

Peyton, I’m ready to meet you baby girl. But I want you to know, I love feeling your kicks and movements. I love seeing my belly move from your hiccups, and I love that so far you are not a morning person. 

xoxo kymberly 


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