P’s Nursery. 

Well today’s the big day!! I have officially carried baby girl all 40 weeks of pregnancy! 

With N, contractions started at midnight on his due date and so far with this little one, nothing. 

So to keep my mind busy and not thinking about every pain or movement happening in me, I want to share her nursery. 

I didn’t get to do a nursery for N because we didn’t move to a two bedroom place till he was 2 weeks old. So this was very fun for me. 

Her room is missing two shelves in it, and the curtains. But besides those, it’s all done!! 

The shelves are going to go a over her dresser, above the bow hanger. I have white and gold glittered mason jars with flowers and picture frames to go on those shelves. 

I just went with colors for a theme and did pink and gold. Almost all the decor in her room was made for her! Just love the hearts of my friends that would go above and beyond to personalize her room with such love! 

xoxo kymberly


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