41 Weeks Pregnant Rant. 

I like communication. 
If you don’t communicate how is someone supposed to know how you feel? We can’t read minds. 

I’m not the worlds greatest communicator, but I do try to talk and process and let others know where I stand and how I feel. 

But right now, people are not listening to me! 

Yes, I am over due. Yes, my child is not born yet. Yes, I’m still pregnant. Yes, I have clearly said I’m discouraged some days. How many times do I have to say these things in a day? Can you kind people texting me all day long wanting to know every detail just let me have a small break from these answers? 

So I thought I would communicate to others to share what to maybe not say or really consider saying to an over due pregnant mommy. 

You shouldn’t say:

1. Don’t tell a pregnant woman she looks big. Don’t tell her she looks bigger than her previous pregnancy. Don’t tell her to her face, don’t tell her on her social media picture. 

2. “Enjoy your sleep now!” That’s not comforting. And if that over due mama is like me, we’re not sleeping! We’re in pain and uncomfortable and would rather be loosing sleep looking at our baby then trying to get out of bed every eight minutes to pee again. 

3. Don’t comment on her swelling if she’s aware she’s swelling. (If she doesn’t know she’s swelling then that could be a bad sign and maybe she should be told)

4. “Is everything okay? Is the baby okay? Is there a reason she’s not here?” Well, it’s normal for pregnancy to be 38-42 weeks and if my Dr. doesn’t think something is wrong, then please don’t stress me out with your questions. I’m super tired and not thinking clearly but now I’m thinking there is something wrong! Thanks. 

5. If you are not close friends with this pregnant woman, there is no need to text her every day asking,  “is baby here yet?????” That is just annoying. Thank you for the reminder the baby is not here yet, that I’m super uncomfortable and it feels like you’re being nosey. And if you are close friends, there is no need to text this because I’m sure if you’re close enough, you will be told when the baby is here. 

6. Sharing stories of your horrible over due labor stories. There’s no need to bring any sort of extra worry or stress to the poor mom. 

7. Tell her how to make the baby come faster with natural induction methods. Because let me tell you, I tried them all, and I’m still pregnant. Now if she asks you about these methods then feel free to share and help her out! But hearing, “oh go on a walk and have sex” is getting super old…

Things that are welcome to say to this mama waiting to meet her precious baby:

1. “Can I bring you anything to eat or drink?”

2. “Can I help you with anything around the house?”

3. “Do you want to get together and hang out, have some fun and make time pass a little quicker?”

4. I wouldn’t every day, but ask how she’s feeling, and if she needs anything. 

5. Seeing if she wants company and just sitting and talking or listening to her talk, dream, or vent. We feel crazy, it’s nice to have that friend we can just be ourselves with and not feel crazy for a little while. 

Being over due is rough for me. I’m in pain most days and I am so thankful today I get to see if the dr knows why. 

So yes, I know I’m a crazy person right now. 

I am not sleeping which makes me physically tired, and emotionally and mentally not on track with the rest of the normal population, but I would really love a break from the, “is she here yet??” Text messages. 

Especially if I have already told you, “I will let you know when she’s born!” 

I found these funny little pictures on Pinterest that made me laugh pretty hard. 

“How about you shut up and go get me a cookie” made me laugh so hard! I feel normal when I read these post and pictures others make! 

Thank you for reading my rant. 

xoxo kymberly


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