I love the Bible app. I love the devotions in it. Some days it is the best way for me to read the Bible or be encouraged. 

I clicked on the devotional plan, “30 Names in 30 Days” and I completely recommend it! I was so encouraged and I wish I would have screen shot more spots of the devotions that stood out to me or hit home in my heart. 

Here are some screen shots I took. I want to share them with you, but I also want to remember them. 

👆🏼- Man I struggle with fear, so this was a great reminder. 

👆🏼- So good right?! What a great reminder. 

👆🏼- So mentioning that I struggle with fear, I struggle with fear when it comes to health. 

👆🏼- I want this. I want to carry the joy of the Lord. I want to meet someone and even if I am struggling inside, I carry the Lords joy. 
Such a great devotional plan! 

xoxo kymberly


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