Dancing in the Dirty Kitchen. 

My husband got a smart tv for his birthday. It was really a gift to both of us because I can throw YouTube, Hulu, Netflix and Pandora on the TV. Most nights we are listening to Sunday school songs on YouTube. But tonight that was not going to work for my mad tired newborn and loud toddler that wouldn’t let the newborn sleep. 

So for the first time I threw Pandora on the tv. I listen to the station, Jesus Culture Radio on Pandora. It’s perfect for my flustered heart on days like this. 

Days where there is loads of unfolded laundry taking over my couch. Days when I forgot to pull out meat from the freezer. Days when dinner ends up being mac and cheese. Days when I my house is a MESS and the kitchen is disgusting. Days where I feel overwhelmed by all the work that needs to be done. And when my house is super messy I feel overwhelmed because I don’t love to live in a mess. 

But as the pot was boiling the mac and cheese, I just started singing along to Pandora. Then Nathan started singing. I love his little voice. Then we ended up dancing and worshiping in the kitchen and the noodles cooked to long haha. 

It was a great memory for me. His laughter and singing from the heart. His clapping and jumping. His joy! It all put Peyton to sleep! 

I want my kids to remember dancing in the kitchen instead of me cleaning the kitchen. They won’t remember the dishes. They won’t remember the clean unfolded laundry. They won’t remember the graham cracker crumbs under the table… or maybe they will haha… 

But I want them to remember the dancing. The joy. The laughing. The times I was able to put aside all that work, to be present with them. To make memories with them. 

The days can be so long but the years are so short! 


xoxo kymberly