Don’t Judge Parenting. 

You know those lovely people that don’t have kids but judge everything you do as a parent? Uh, not loving those people. 

Here’s the deal, if you’re reading this and you don’t have kids, don’t judge those moms at the park, the store or restaurant. You can have all the ideas on what type of parent you are going to be, and how your way is the best way. And good for you, that’s awesome that you are striving to be the best parent, but you don’t have my kids. You don’t know them the way I do. So you don’t need to judge how I discipline or which battles I think are worth the fight. When you have your kids, you can discipline them how you want. You can make all your own baby food, and still go on weekly date nights with your spouse. That’s awesome of you. Also, just a heads up, it might not work out that way. After you don’t sleep for months years, stuff changes and the battles you choose to win, might not be what you thought you would be battling. 

Kids don’t come with an instruction manual. When a baby is born, that baby comes with his/her own personality. That baby grows into a baby that has its own opinion on what foods he/she likes. That baby grows into a toddler that pushes buttons and has to learn boundaries. That toddler also starts sharing his/her interest and showing their personality more and more. And I can guess what comes after toddlerhood, but since I am not there yet personally I will wait to write about it. All this to say, each child is so different. You have to get to know them. Just because they are created from you doesn’t mean they are going to be just like you and have the same interest as you. So getting to know them, you figure out how to discipline them. You learn what battles to fight and ones to just let go. So I don’t need to judge how you parent since I don’t know your kids and I don’t need to see your eye rolls when I am parenting my kid. 

Being a mom is really hard work. Like I have said before, its the best. I was born to do this. It is my dream. And in this dream I am living, I need more cheering on, encouragement, and love rather than judgemental looks and comments. There is no place for that type of behavior. If you do not understand why I am doing something, I would rather you ask me, than make some sarcastic comment about how what I am doing is not right or the way you are going to do it. 

So why can woman not be nice and encouraging and cheerleaders for each other? Have grace on one another and learn from one another. And think before you speak. 




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