Potty Training Day 1.

Before I took her diaper off I got the room set up. Because I don’t know when she’s going or how long in between.
🚽 I got the potty in front of the tv and on the tile.

❄️Put on frozen and got her water and a snack (that makes her thirsty).
Snacks that I got were: wheat thins, veggie straws, peanut butter granola bar, peanuts, apple sauce and triskits. My kids only drink water. They don’t like juice or milk.

👝Got wipes and a towel. just in case of accidents.
🗑A trash can close by for the wipes.

👙Extra panties close by. Got her Frozen panties from Target.

👚I dressed her in a favorite shirt of hers that was a little short so it didn’t get in the way of going potty.
📊Made a chart so I could see how well she was doing and what times she went to learn her body a little bit.

🖍 Got some markers and paper for her to color on if she was bored of the movie.
🍫And some m&ms for her reward!
Today is not her first day going on the potty. Randomly over the last year she would grab the little potty and sit on it when Nathan would go potty. A couple times she would go.
Today I think is the first time she is aware when she does go. After her second time going today she stood up and said, “pee pee”. Other times in the past she has said she’s gone but has not.
Peyton loves Frozen and Bolt. I’m 32 weeks pregnant, so sitting on the floor and reading to her or singing songs, it’s just not the easiest thing for me. P doesn’t watch a lot of tv, so I thought today is a great day to spoil her in this way to keep her in an area by her potty to go.
After each time she went she told me and we ran and got an m&m! Then she got a sticker to put on her chart. I put the time under the sticker so I could follow how often she went.
After her second time of going on the potty I thought she was good for maybe a half hour. But nope. She went on the slide we have in the family room, and went on the rug in the playroom. Three times she went in ten minutes! So that threw me off!
My strategy was keeping her on the potty with snack that made her thirsty and her favorite movies. Then once she went she got her treat and got to run around for at least 20 minutes with panties on before I had her sit down again.
I put a pull up on her for nap time. She took a crazy long 3 hour nap today! She woke up at 2 with a full diaper and then didn’t have to go for a long time. After nap I gave her lunch and she sat on the potty for close to two hours!
She got up to go look at her chart and had an accident on the floor! Bummer. She had been sitting for so long!
She did pretty good for her first day! She stayed on the potty while I made dinner. But like a lot of moms, I got dinner for everyone, got the kids seconds while I was still putting my plate together and P had an accident at the table. Then after dinner it’s clean everything up and put the food away. I couldn’t keep an eye on her. So I stopped for the day and put a diaper on her. We shall see how tomorrow goes!

xoxo kymberly


Intro For Potty Training P

P is two years and two months. N was potty trained by now, but I knew we had a lot of big moves and transitions in our near future so I didn’t want to start potty training her for her to only regress when we moved across the country.
She randomly wakes up some mornings and says “mommy pee pee hurt”. A couple weeks ago she was screaming and crying when saying it, so we took her to urgent care to see if she had a UTI, but she didn’t and got creams prescribed to help with a cut she gave herself when she took her diaper off during nap time the day before.
So today was a morning she was walking funny and upset, telling me, “pee pee hurt”. I don’t know exactly what is hurting and I don’t know when she goes potty since she’s in a diaper, so I decided while Texas is having this crazy rain storm and we’re inside all day anyways, it’s time to potty train her and get to know her pattern of when she goes and how often.
With N I wrote on this blog about his potty training. He was pretty easy! And he went often. P does not go often, it makes it a little hard actually! Wish me luck! Here we go!!!

Two Months Gone.

I was a very lost 18 year old girl when I walked into cattlemen’s and met you for the first time. All these years later I haven’t thrown out the shirt I wore the night I met you and colleen because it meant something to me although I haven’t worn it. You stood up and gave me a hug. I didn’t know my identity or what I wanted in my life in that season, but I was welcomed right away.

Two years later I wasn’t even engaged to your son and you paid for me to stay with you and your family while your son was having multiply brain surgeries. I remember some conversations, I remember being cared for when your son was in a rough spot. You just extended that care and generosity out to me.

The following year I became a Hudson. That came with big shoes because everywhere I went people knew who you were. They would talk to me and say hi to me and I would have to ask Caleb who they were haha but they all loved you.

Then you became a grandpa to my own kids. This is probably the hardest thing for me to see is my husband loose his father and my kids not understand that you’re not coming down anymore. You are definitely missed and I am forever grateful for that first hug over 10 years ago. In these last 10 years I have grown and I am no longer that lost teenager. I hope I carry your families name well, and I hope one day I leave this earth with the positive impact that you have. It’s incredible to see the amount of people that are stepping out with stories and love for you.

I’m thankful that every greeting started with a hug and every goodbye ended with a hug and some joke. Our last hug was as good as the first one…. my heart is broken and you are missed.

xoxo kymberly

Caleb’s 30!

Caleb you are the big 3 0 !

Happy birthday!

I don’t know how today will be for you, but know I’m here for you. Weeks ago I planned a surprise party that you would’ve been truly surprised at, but that didn’t get to happen. Your parents were supposed to fly in today while you were at work for another surprise, but that isn’t going to happen either.

It sucks all these plans that were made for such a special birthday and they don’t get to happen.

I hope your birthday is still okay after this crazy year. There has been so many ups and downs the year of you being 29. 30 can only be better. It has to be better.

The growing you can do this year in a new place is un measurable. The learning from a new work environment and new people all around can bring fresh perspective.

I’m excited for this year. You get to meet your new baby. You get to start fresh in a new area. You get to make new memories and traditions.

But it’s okay to not be okay.

This year will probably be very hard also. And we’re all here for you for that. The first birthday you won’t get a call from your dad 😢 I’m really sorry about that. The first Christmas without your dad 😢 I’m really sorry about that. The first everything that is going to come 😢 I just wish I could take the hurt away.

He was very proud of you. He was a great dad that you get to always share his legacy and you also have so much of him in you, so you’ll live out a lot also!

Happy birthday Caleb!

The day is yours for whatever you want to do!

xoxo kymberly