Peyton’s Baby Blanket. 

I haven’t got to share my work on this blog yet. I love to crochet. It’s very relaxing for me. 

The first baby blanket I made was in Novemeber 2013. I messed up a lot, but still sent it as a gift because of the time I put into it, I just needed to send it to the baby I spent hours thinking about while working on it. 

After that blanket I learned a lot and made Nathan one. 

I have made a good amount of blankets and have given them all away. Haven’t got to sell any or really advertise that I would like to. 

But I wanted to share Peyton’s blanket I made! So excited it is finished and ready for her even in this 110 degree heat haha. 

xoxo kymberly


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Mickey 2nd Birthday 

We had so much fun at Nathan’s 2nd Birthday Party! It was themed Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for his obsession with Mickey. Right now Mickey is super popular! So getting decorations was super easy for me!!

We did got his invites and thank you cards off Esty. So many cute ones to choose from! Second year I have done his invites off of Esty and very happy with them.

Nathan takes a mid morning nap, so we had the party in the afternoon and just had snack food for our close friends and family.

Nathan had so much fun and we are so thankful to all his friends and family that came!!

In the loot bags I spent about 15$. I got them bubbles, stickers, candy, got the girls Minnie sunglasses and pencils. Got the boys balls and tambourines. All Mickey themed, which Party City made it truly easy for me.

This picture of the 5-peice poster is blurry, so sorry about that! It is the only picture I have of it by itself. But it was a great backdrop for the kids to take pictures in front of and its where Nathan sat to open his presents. 

This banner I love! It comes with every number, in sets of 2.. So really you could have a 55 year old Mickey Birthday Party! We kept this hanging for a long time!

The hanging Mickey decorations were so fun! They are hung from fishing wire with push pins! It was super easy to decorate the whole house with these hanging everywhere. They also hung in the hallway to the bathroom.

I love printing pictures of Nathan and looking at how much he has changed in one year (although I can’t get myself to share his cute face on the Internet). So in every room of the house, I put up pictures of him from every month of the past year. It’s fun for me to see the differences and remember the moments captured.

I wish I had more pictures of the food, but we did a veggie tray, fruit tray, chips and dip and chips and salsa. Then had cupcakes and ice cream for everyone. Super easy! To drink there was water bottles, cold lemonade, Coke and Sprite. 

Love these cupcake wrappers from the Dollar Store. Only thing I did notice was when the cupcakes were cooling down on my counter, the red bottom transferred onto my counter top. So I placed them on foil to cool and store for the next day.

We got his name in candles to blow out. Super fun and cute, but the flame doesn’t last long enough for a toddler to try and blow out the candles.

The kids LOVED pin the nose on mickey! We tried to make the older kids super dizzy, they had a blind fold, didn’t matter, they all got the sticker nose in the right spot! Super fun! So glad I had this to play!

All decorations were purchased on Amazon, Party City, and the Dollar Store.

xoxo kymberly


Name in wood letters. 

We used this photo to announce our daughters name 

I am absolutely obsessed with how they came out and can’t wait for next month when I get to hang them in her room!! 

Also this is a nursery teaser! Can’t wait to put everything all together in a couple months!!! 

My super talented friend put this all together on wood letters! If you want her to make your son or daughters name let me know and I can get you her information!!! 

xoxo kymberly 


Wood Letters Craft. 

Setting up my sons play room has been so fun but when it comes to the walls, it’s so blank! I remembered my friends making me an incredible gift, spelling my last name with wood letters. I thought that fun wood letters over his artwork would be fun! So off to Michaels I went. I got the smaller wood letters that were a 1.50 each and a sheet of 12×12 scrapbook paper. This was a super easy craft to do during my sons short nap! Here’s what you need and what to do;  

What you need:

Mod Podge 

Foam brush

Wood letters





What to do:

1. Flip the paper to the back side and put the wood letter on it with the front facing down and trace the letter. 

2. Cut a little smaller than what you traced on the paper so it fits perfect onto the wood letter. 


3. Make sure the paper fits on the wood letter just the way you want it to. 

4. Put a light layer of mod podge on the front of the letter and the back of the paper. 


5. Put the paper onto the wood letter. Press down the paper and smooth out any air bubbles that might come up. 

6. Let dry for 20 min. 


7. Put a thicker coat on the top of the paper that is glued on the letter. Around the edges also if you want a tight seal on the letter. 

8. Let dry for an hour, and you are ready to hang your fun new wood letter!

I hang the letters on the wall with the picture & frame hanging command strips, but if you have larger and heavier letters you might need to hang them on a nail. Have fun!!!

XOXO kymberly