I love the Bible app. I love the devotions in it. Some days it is the best way for me to read the Bible or be encouraged. 

I clicked on the devotional plan, “30 Names in 30 Days” and I completely recommend it! I was so encouraged and I wish I would have screen shot more spots of the devotions that stood out to me or hit home in my heart. 

Here are some screen shots I took. I want to share them with you, but I also want to remember them. 

👆🏼- Man I struggle with fear, so this was a great reminder. 

👆🏼- So good right?! What a great reminder. 

👆🏼- So mentioning that I struggle with fear, I struggle with fear when it comes to health. 

👆🏼- I want this. I want to carry the joy of the Lord. I want to meet someone and even if I am struggling inside, I carry the Lords joy. 
Such a great devotional plan! 

xoxo kymberly



Fervent Prayer

My mom asked for this book for Mothers Day. Actually I think she just told me she wanted it and it’s what I got her for Mothers Day. She started reading it and then turned around and bought it for me haha! 

Well turns out it is one of my favorite books to date! I don’t finish books in a quick amount of time often. I’m really working in the prayer challenge series to finish the books I mentioned earlier, but it’s hard for me to find time to sit and read if it’s not my bible. 

Something I loved about this book is I did it in my bible time because I was reading my bible along with it and learning to pray with my bible. 

Priscilla Shirer gives you prayer cards at the end of the book. You rip them out and write prayers on them. I learned so much and got to narrow my focus on prayers in many different areas of my life. For example; my marriage, my past, my fears, my children, my relationships, and my hurts. 

She makes passionate praying easy to write down on paper and pray. She uses an acrostic poem for the word PRAY

P- Praise Jesus

R- Repent 

A- Ask, what are you praying for

Y- Yes, the promises that Jesus gives us in his word. Claim those as your own! 

She also gives verses to help guide you in each topic of your life to pray for (marriage, fears, hurt, purity). 

In her writing I could sense her passion and her desire to share what God has taught her. Her love and passion for praying is contagious through her words in this book! You want to pray like her, you crave that connection and that deeper relationship with Christ that you get in prayer. 

I loved this book and I finished it pretty quickly! Some of my prayer cards are in super small handwritting and double sided, other prayer cards I did are shorter. But I love with my pregnancy and mommy brain, I can read these prayers I spent time writing and adding verses too, and know these are fervent prayers! 

I want to be a fervent prayer. I want Satan to tremble when he hears my prayers and the passion I have for Jesus. I have my prayer cards in my kids’ rooms, on my mirror and in my bible. I also have memorized her acronym for Pray for when I’m just praying through out my day. 

Such a good book! I still have so much to learn. And I learn a lot from books and others, but I’m learning most in actually praying.

This is completely a must read in my eyes along with seeing the movie War Room. 

xoxo kymberly


Wait, What?

Have you ever been driving and then all of a sudden you are filled with an epiphany? That is what happened to me yesterday. I was just driving along and BAM! I had an epiphany. I was thinking about the blog I just wrote, Check In, and how I shared that I’m exhausted lately. So many women tell me that I should be exhausted. I have a busy toddler, I waddle everywhere, it’s 110 degrees outside, and most days I have some sort of pain somewhere. Oh, plus I’m not sleeping. As much as I try, doesn’t happen. N wakes me up and I want an IV of caffeine (I have to wait 8 weeks for that lol… Just kidding friends, but then at the same time it does sound nice). So as much as I just got to vent a little about how I’m feeling, why am I venting on here instead of following through and finishing my prayer challenge? 

So yesterday I skipped taking a nap with my precious two-year-old-baby-boy and read. 

As I was driving yesterday I was totally hit with how long ago I really started this prayer challenge. I was doing so well with it! Every night I was spending time learning and reading. Then N got sick, then I had a crazy symptom, then N got sick again. My nights of reading and studying prayer turned into nights that were staring at N and monitoring his breathing. Which I would do over and over again, but why were we getting sick so much during that same time frame? Even N’s Doctor questioned me on where he got some of his illnesses. 

And then my epiphany hit me, 

are you ready? 



I was taking every night to learn and practice on how to become a prayer warrior and guess who hits me where it hurts me most? Satan with my anxiety of illness. Way to try to fool me Devil… My tired self has caught on to you! You will not hold me back from learning and becoming a powerful prayer and memorizing scripture. I say, get out. You’re not welcome here!

So no nap time for me, I dove right back into where I left off. I got a good hour of distraction free learning and journaling before Nathan woke up. Then he came out and sat on my lap and asked to write with me. So I got him some supplies and we sat together for almost a half hour. I wrote scriptures for N and P, and N doodled and colored. 

It was one of my all time favorite moments. I stopped at one point and literally thought, “wait, what? Why would I take a nap and miss out on moments like this? In what thinking is taking a nap better than sitting by my son and learning more about our Father?” 

So I’m here to tell you that I am back at studying. Hopefully finishing more books! My goal is to finish them before July in case baby girl comes early! 

Stay tuned friends and have an incredible day! 

xoxo kymberly


Prayer Challenge. 

Have you ever just been going on with your week or day as normal and then it’s like you randomly walk into a brick wall of a revalation? 

That’s what happened to me last week. 

I was just doing my thing, my routine of a day and week and was just hit with the word “pray”. But it wasn’t like, “Kymberly, you should pray right now”. It was this deep burning fire that was all of a sudden, out of no where, a passion to learn how to pray. 

For about three years now I have had a prayer buddy. She’s amazing. We have been friends for a good amount of years and I can’t remember how we even stated that we were becoming prayer buddies, but we did. 

I think it’s so important to have a prayer buddy in life. Life happens and we talk every day or once every two weeks, on prayer request. I share my heart with her on pretty deep level. Sharing the messy things in my life and know it’s not leaving her. She’s a vault. 

So as I have this urge last week to really dive into praying and what I means to pray and how I want to pray, I shared it with my prayer buddy. 

So I am on a prayer challenge. That is what I’m calling this season of my life. I have my Bible, and some books to help me start. I have read three of the prayer books in the picture below, and am reading the second two right now. Ill do a little book review on them all when I’m done, but would love information on other resources!! Blow up my email or comments with suggestions on books, podcast, or anything that has helped you learn to pray bolder and deeper!!! 


I am very fired up about this season. I decided to give up my much needed naps this month and do an extra quiet time every day to dig deeper and learn more. 

My overall goal is to really learn how to pray and what it looks like to pray bold and big prayers. Prayers that move the heart of God and show my faith in what I believe he can do. 

I have already learned so much. Just the simple verse that I started this post off with, Luke 11:1, “Lord teach me how to pray”! There are so many verses on prayer in the bible that I have never studied before! 

This week of reading I have been so inspired with so many words and thoughts. I can go weeks with no words or anything to post on here, but this week I am posting almost every day! It’s incredible the inspiration I have found this week! 

I am also in constant contact with my prayer buddy. I know a season of being super fired up for what God has to teach me puts a target on my back for the devil. The devil doesn’t want me to learn what God has in mind for me. So my prayer buddy has me covered in prayer from any attacks or distractions in this season! 

xoxo kymberly 

Top picture I created on the Bible app