That Mom. 

Growing up I dreamed of being a mom. And not just any mom, a great mom. Going through college I learned from experience how to talk to a child in a loving way. I didn’t want to be “that mom that yelled at her kids” or “that mom whose kids didn’t listen to her”. Well tonight I felt like I had stared to become “that mom”. 

I can list all the reasons why my patience is egg shell thin, but those are excuses when I look at them through my sons eyes. 

I might be exhausted and don’t know the last time I slept more than 4 hours at a time. I might be frustrated that every time I get my 5 month old to finally nap, my 2 year old yells at her so she wakes up. But those things don’t matter to my two year old when it comes to how I respond to him. 

My sister-in-law has a quality that I really admire. It might be silly to someone, but it’s what I admire most in her and strive to achieve. She constantly talks to my niece and nephew in a calm tone, and talks to them or tries to Understand why they are acting the way they are. And today is her birthday, so shout out to her! Happy birthday!!

This past week my voice has gotten louder and the phrase, “go to your room” has come out of my mouth more than I strive for.

Am I a lazy mom?

What has happened to what I’ve strived for?

Why am I getting so frustrated and letting that control my attitude?

Oh. My. Gosh. I’m “that mom”. 

I just needed a wake up call. My son is acting out because he wants something. Attention is my guess. His sister was born and for 5 months he hasn’t had me to himself. So soon that is going to change and I’ll take him on some mommy/son dates. 

I need to take a breath before I respond to his acting out. I need to ask him why he’s doing what he’s doing. I have been consistent in following through with what I say and winning the battles I choose to fight. 

I think today it just hit me that what I’m doing isn’t working. I need to go back and stop using the word no. I need to explain more. Nathan is very smart, he can understand what is needed of him and understand that he needs to be respectful. 

Being a mom of 2 little ones is hard. Not because my kids are bad or handfuls, but because my time is never my own and being present with both of them on little sleep is hard. 

But I got my wake up call and tomorrow is a new day. I pray Nathan forgives me for not being my best. Time to lower my tone again and communicate with him. 

No longer “that mom” that I didn’t want to be. 




Don’t Judge Parenting. 

You know those lovely people that don’t have kids but judge everything you do as a parent? Uh, not loving those people. 

Here’s the deal, if you’re reading this and you don’t have kids, don’t judge those moms at the park, the store or restaurant. You can have all the ideas on what type of parent you are going to be, and how your way is the best way. And good for you, that’s awesome that you are striving to be the best parent, but you don’t have my kids. You don’t know them the way I do. So you don’t need to judge how I discipline or which battles I think are worth the fight. When you have your kids, you can discipline them how you want. You can make all your own baby food, and still go on weekly date nights with your spouse. That’s awesome of you. Also, just a heads up, it might not work out that way. After you don’t sleep for months years, stuff changes and the battles you choose to win, might not be what you thought you would be battling. 

Kids don’t come with an instruction manual. When a baby is born, that baby comes with his/her own personality. That baby grows into a baby that has its own opinion on what foods he/she likes. That baby grows into a toddler that pushes buttons and has to learn boundaries. That toddler also starts sharing his/her interest and showing their personality more and more. And I can guess what comes after toddlerhood, but since I am not there yet personally I will wait to write about it. All this to say, each child is so different. You have to get to know them. Just because they are created from you doesn’t mean they are going to be just like you and have the same interest as you. So getting to know them, you figure out how to discipline them. You learn what battles to fight and ones to just let go. So I don’t need to judge how you parent since I don’t know your kids and I don’t need to see your eye rolls when I am parenting my kid. 

Being a mom is really hard work. Like I have said before, its the best. I was born to do this. It is my dream. And in this dream I am living, I need more cheering on, encouragement, and love rather than judgemental looks and comments. There is no place for that type of behavior. If you do not understand why I am doing something, I would rather you ask me, than make some sarcastic comment about how what I am doing is not right or the way you are going to do it. 

So why can woman not be nice and encouraging and cheerleaders for each other? Have grace on one another and learn from one another. And think before you speak. 



Cheers To 2016!

Happy New Year!

What a crazy year 2016 was for my family and I. 

I had a pretty painful pregnancy, an even more painful labor and delivery, that led to the most perfect baby girl! 

We bought our first home and moved when Peyton was 3 weeks old. 

I have had some weird symptoms happen that doctors cant figure out a diagnosis. It started after Peyton was born, so I think it has something to do with my crazy labor. 

Peyton has had some weird stuff also, but she’s perfect and every test, ultrasound or X-ray taken, has come back to show she’s perfect!!

Nathan is such a good little boy. He is also 2, so I’m learning what “terrible twos” are all about. He is whitty and has brought so many smiles to my face and heart. 

Caleb still is loving his job and has been working more and more on his Mustang to make it faster so he can race his dad one day. 

So that’s a really short summary of my year. 

2017 I’m putting the word Hope over the year. 2016 I felt the word Faith. To have faith in everything coming our way. This year I’m having Hope after all that Faith. Really learn what it is to have Hope and what that looks like in every day life. 

Happy New Year! 


xoxo kymberly 

Struggle Bus. 

Struggle Bus. 🚌

That’s the ride I’ve been on the last few weeks. 

Two year olds are not a joke. Especially the ones that have an insane vocabulary and are whitty… like the one I have. Who can talk circles around you and tell you all the reasons he doesn’t want to and can’t pick up his toys. It makes your mind jello to where all you do is point to his room because all that talking he just did made you dizzy (Pointing to his room most of the time gets him to do what I originally said before he started talking 500 words a minute).

Two year olds are also hilarious. I get a good laugh from the whitty thIngs Nathan comes up with. 

But the struggle bus comes when I am completely caught off guard and don’t know what to do or how to discipline him. Some days I wish he came with an instruction manual so I knew how to best discipline him in the most effective way so he learns correctly. 

I also spend most of my day repeating the same three things over and over. 

“Don’t unplug that”

“Don’t plug that in”

“Don’t climb on that”

You would think after a year of the same three commands something would stick?! At least maybe one of them!!! 

Also meltdowns. 

Let’s just talk about those… not awesome! I also don’t love all the parents who I ask about meltdowns and they are like, “my toddler doesn’t have them, does yours have a lot of meltdowns, like, behavioral problems?” Really??? No he doesn’t have behavior problems, he’s 2 and gets mad when it’s time for bed or he can’t have a cookie. Then it’s on the floor crying and screaming for a hot minute. But I seriously cannot be the only one who has a toddler with meltdowns right? 

So I’m struggling mainly with finding the best effective way to discipline my toddler. He is an incredible and smart little one. I am very thankful to say he is good in stores and in car rides. He is amazing with his baby sister! He just does not want to listen to some of the rules in the house, like plugging in the lamp to an outlet or climbing on his dresser to open his window 😳🙄. 

That’s my struggle bus rant at the moment. I truly just want to be the best Mom for my kids. I want to raise them correctly and teach them how to listen to direction and be respectful. That there is a time to play and be crazy and a time to listen and follow the rules. 

Saying that, he is only 2. Sometimes I think he’s way older than he is because of his vocabulary and attitude. 

And although he’s keeping me on my toes, and probably giving me grey hair…. I wouldn’t change a thing about him. 

xoxo kymberly 
Picture taken off Pinterest 

The Honest Company. 

So to start this off I want to say that I am NOT an organic mommy or person. But over the last year I have slowly came to love the Honest Company. 

Although I’m not an organic person, I really love the idea of having a son and daughter with such sensitive skin have an option of using pure products. I still try a small amount of everything on them to see if they have a reaction, and so far not one reaction to this brand. I feel good knowing there are so many different products that I can choose from in this brand and there won’t be a rash breakout. 

Do you guys use The Honest Company? 

I honestly feel that their diapers are over priced to just throw away. I bought a box on clearence once to try them out. They worked real well but I wasn’t more impressed with them than I was Pampers. Although the Honest diapers are pretty cute! 

The wipes are nice! I like them a lot. In all honesty I feel the same as I do with the diapers. They go in the trash so fast and I don’t find them more impressive than pampers sensitive wipes or huggies wipes. 

With the diapers and wipes, if we had more money then I would buy them. But being on a good budget, I rest easy using Pampers. 

I’ve gone threw a full bottle of shampoo and body wash on Nathan already and really liked it! So I got a two pack combo at Costco. I don’t know how it does with long hair, but they do sell conditioner! I also like that it can make a bubble bath! 

The diaper rash cream I bought because I started reading some negative things about Desitin and there wasn’t a huge price difference between the two. It works really well! It settles in its packaging, so I have to shake it up so when I go to use it cream comes out and not just oil. Unfortantly Peyton gets really bad diaper rashes and this doesn’t clear them up. So I do have to use Desitin for the first couple diapers to help her rash and then I can use this after to finish the healing of her poor little bottom. 

The healing balm is amazing! I actually cut my big Prego belly with the end of the diaper rash cream really bad. I put some of the healing cream on it and it fused the cut together with out scabbing! I’ve used it on Nathan a lot with all the scrapes he gets! I also love this because I was told to not use Neosporen on a child under two. So this is the perfect cream for a busy young toddler!

The hand sanitizer spray I’m really excited about. I just recently added this to my collection of the brand, and Nathan loves it way more than me using baby wipes to wipe his hands all the time! It dries really quickly. 

The face and body lotion I like because of the face part. I feel like sometimes Nathan’s face can feel dry and I don’t want to put body lotion on his face! So I love having this option to go to! And the lavender smell on babies is amazing! I do admit that I like the lavender Johnson&Johnson smell the best, but unfortantly Peyton broke out in a rash when I put it on her. The Honest Co. doesn’t give her a rash. 

The baby oil is amazing. I love the pump dispenser and how easy it is to use. I don’t like when oils are messy and this bottle makes it very easy and clean to use/apply. It is expensive for baby oil. Compared to Johnson&Johnson, it is expensive. Peyton broke out in a small rash when I used Johnson&Johnson baby oil on her. I use baby oil for her cradle cap. Works really well! 
What are your thoughts and favorite brands?! 

xoxo kymberly


Half a Decade. 

Half a decade of marriage. I could just say I’ve been married for five years, but half a decade sounds way cooler! 

So anyways,

Today marks five years since Caleb and I stood in front of all our closest friends and family and vowed to one another to choose each other every day. That day was perfect. And yes, we were that awesome couple that got married on 11-11-11! I should really write about that day and what I remember because it was everything I dreamed it would be. But since that day, life has not been perfect but it’s been rewarding. 

Marriage is hard. Hard work! Every person is unique, then stick them in a marriage and you learn a lot. So I thought I would go over some of what I have learned the last half a decade of being married. 

1. I’m not awesome. That is probably the biggest thing I’ve learned the last five years. I have issues and I am not perfect. I’m hard to live with, I’m a perfectionist and a clean freak and annoying. I’m loved and accepted, but man some times I sit back and think, “I’m really annoying, poor Caleb!” Haha! I can really joke about this, but on a more serious note, marriage is always work. There is always a topic to work on or talk about, and in these times I have learned that I can only grow as a woman and wife. 

2. Love and respect. It’s real. Ever read the book love and respect? It’s basically saying that if you respect your husband first he will return that respect and show love in the way you receive love. Ever read 5 love languages? That’s real too! So I have learned that I need to respect Caleb even when he drives me bonkers, and love him the way he feels love, which is quality time and physical touch. My natural way to show love is words of encouragement, but that’s not how Caleb feels loved the most. So I can always work on that. 

3. Don’t talk negatively about the others family. This is one my marriage doesn’t really struggle with, but in-laws can annoy you. Parent in-laws, brother-in-laws, sister-in-laws… just don’t speak negatively about them. That will only cause problems. 

4. Babies are distracting. I love my kids more than anything on this earth! Man they are amazing! I have a newborn and toddler. Obviously my days are crazy. When Caleb gets home, my newborn needs a diaper change and my toddler won’t stop talking about whatever he is talking about at that moment. I love it. And as much as I love it, it also takes away from having that quality time with my husband. Our babies are dependent on us right now, so their needs are urgent and important because we are the only ones that can help them out. They distract us from telling each other about our days or dreams or thoughts. Love them, they are our greatest gifts, we have to work harder at prioritizing time together because of them. 

5. People can’t read minds. Therefore, my husband can’t read my mind and I can’t read his mind. We aren’t super heros (although sometimes I feel like I am a super hero being a mom…) so it is really important to communicate what is on our mind. If I don’t tell Caleb he hurt my feelings, he won’t know, could do it again, and it could blow up later because he didn’t know he was doing something that was hurting me. So… communicate. 

I’ve learned a lot actually! But all I have time for at the moment is a list of five things I’ve learned! Which is perfect considering it’s been five years. Time truly has gone fast! 

We have graduated college, gone threw 5 jobs combined, are currently in our 6th home, we have 2 kids, and so many more adventures to go on. It’s been a busy five years! 

Overall, in all seriousness I find marriage hard work but so rewarding. I think it’s because I constantly find that I have to work on myself and how to love, and I don’t think anyone likes to admit they aren’t awesome and need to work on things. But then we work on those things and become stronger and better. 

In those learning areas, Caleb and I are a great team. I’m really proud at how we work together and communicate about finances, budgets, and goals. We have a lot of strengths as a couple. Caleb knows me better than anyone else. He still chooses me every day. Does little things, like notes or buying me coffee before he heads to work when we pull an all nighter with our vomiting 2 year old. (Other learning points- still date each other and still do the little things! They matter). 

Cheers to the next five years! Can’t wait to see where we are then! Maybe Texas! (I really want to move to Texas!)

Happy Anniversary Caleb! Thank you for choosing me, thank you for getting down on one knee with my Tiffany’s ring, letting me plan the wedding of my dreams, and vowing your love to me in front of so many friends and family. I love you. 💗 I don’t know what my life would be like without you, and I truly am grateful for you. Muah!  

 xoxo kymberly 

Disclaimer…. I have a newborn and don’t get much sleep… so if there is a lot of grammar errors, just have grace on me because I’m not proof reading this I’m just going to go to bed! 

What have you learned being married?