Struggle Bus. 

Struggle Bus. 🚌

That’s the ride I’ve been on the last few weeks. 

Two year olds are not a joke. Especially the ones that have an insane vocabulary and are whitty… like the one I have. Who can talk circles around you and tell you all the reasons he doesn’t want to and can’t pick up his toys. It makes your mind jello to where all you do is point to his room because all that talking he just did made you dizzy (Pointing to his room most of the time gets him to do what I originally said before he started talking 500 words a minute).

Two year olds are also hilarious. I get a good laugh from the whitty thIngs Nathan comes up with. 

But the struggle bus comes when I am completely caught off guard and don’t know what to do or how to discipline him. Some days I wish he came with an instruction manual so I knew how to best discipline him in the most effective way so he learns correctly. 

I also spend most of my day repeating the same three things over and over. 

“Don’t unplug that”

“Don’t plug that in”

“Don’t climb on that”

You would think after a year of the same three commands something would stick?! At least maybe one of them!!! 

Also meltdowns. 

Let’s just talk about those… not awesome! I also don’t love all the parents who I ask about meltdowns and they are like, “my toddler doesn’t have them, does yours have a lot of meltdowns, like, behavioral problems?” Really??? No he doesn’t have behavior problems, he’s 2 and gets mad when it’s time for bed or he can’t have a cookie. Then it’s on the floor crying and screaming for a hot minute. But I seriously cannot be the only one who has a toddler with meltdowns right? 

So I’m struggling mainly with finding the best effective way to discipline my toddler. He is an incredible and smart little one. I am very thankful to say he is good in stores and in car rides. He is amazing with his baby sister! He just does not want to listen to some of the rules in the house, like plugging in the lamp to an outlet or climbing on his dresser to open his window 😳🙄. 

That’s my struggle bus rant at the moment. I truly just want to be the best Mom for my kids. I want to raise them correctly and teach them how to listen to direction and be respectful. That there is a time to play and be crazy and a time to listen and follow the rules. 

Saying that, he is only 2. Sometimes I think he’s way older than he is because of his vocabulary and attitude. 

And although he’s keeping me on my toes, and probably giving me grey hair…. I wouldn’t change a thing about him. 

xoxo kymberly 
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Mr. Potato Head goes Potty 

The other night was the first night I watched Nathan’s imagination grow. 
He has been loving his Mr. Potato Head. This toy allows me to take a pretty long shower, take a kinda nap (the nap where I know Nathan is right by me or I wake up), and make meals! 

The other night he was running around naked. He’s been doing amazing at going pee on the potty this week! Some times asking to go all on his own! But we have not mastered going potty out in public and I’m okay with that. I haven’t changed a dirty diaper in a long time so I’m okay if he’s not fully knowing the sensation of what it feels like before he goes pee, to hold it or go on the potty. I’ve very proud of him. 

But anyways,

Mr. Naked Nathan went into his room and grabbed a diaper. I thought he wanted me to put a diaper on him at first, but then he proceeded to tell me “Potato Head” was getting a diaper change. I wish I could write the way he talks sometimes. So he sat on the floor, opened the diaper, and put Mr. Potato Head in the diaper and folded the diaper up haha! And a size 5 diaper completely consumes a Mr. Potato Head! 

Nathan was so proud of himself and Caleb and I couldn’t stop smiling and laughing. Then he told me “Potato Head” needed to go pee pee. So he took him out of the diaper and went to the bathroom. I went in with him just to make sure Nathan wasn’t going to drop his toy in the potty, but he started taking out all his pieces. On the ground fell Potato Head’s nose, eyes, mouth, and his one ear (not sure where the other ear is). Then Nathan turned Mr. Potato Head upside down and said, “mommy he pee pee right here” and pointed to the hole where his shoes go haha. So I said, “oh okay” and watched Nathan hold Potato Head over his potty for a couple seconds. He stood up and said, “yay Potato Head went pee pee!!” Then ran out of the bathroom and told Caleb. 

It’s totally his imagination working here because I haven’t modeled changing a diaper or going pee pee with a toy like this (in March I modeled a stuff animal wearing underwear and sitting on the potty but nothing more than that) I haven’t been trying to teach him any potty training at all, but Nathan was very proud of his Potato Head! And when Potato Head was done going pee pee on the potty he got to have his eyes, nose, mouth and ear put back in! Of course in a crazy order that Nathan finds hilarious! 

Moments like this I don’t want to forget or miss out on! I was laughing for a while about this whole situation. So proud of himself and Potato Head! And I’m so proud to have such a big helper already! I see all the ways he loves to help and loves to be needed and praised. He’s going to be a great big brother! 

xoxo kymberly


Actually happened June 7th. Just forgot to post.